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estaba cerrado cuando llegue y no me avisaron ni quedé varado en in estado muy lejano a mi casa lo recomiendo para nada por incumplidos y falta de ética.

3 months ago


muy bonito el lugar, lastima que tuvieron que cerrar 😢

4 months ago


El hostal es muy lindo y el trabajo compartido con los otros voluntarios fue bastante tranquilo por lo que la experiencia estuvo buena.

5 months ago

United States

Out of all the hostels I have stayed in and volunteered at, this one was one of my favorites. It had so much style and had super chill vibes all throughout the place. Merida is a great location and close to many things like lots of cenotes and ruins too. The hostal is convienently placed in the city center. Merida really gives you a chance to see mexican culture and is full of beautiful people. I am very graful for my experience. Much love to Alejandra especially, she always went out of her way to make sure I felt welcomed and at home and without her the experience would not have been the same

9 months ago