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Why would you choose to stay with us?
Because it is fun. Because you will meet a lot of good people. Because you will learn a lot.
We are working with volunteers for 10 years and we think that it is always a benefit for the volunteer and also for the Hostel. We think volunteering in places like ours is a perfect opportunity for young people to travel the world on a small budget.

I am Claas and I run Hostel Albania since 2009. We have a great team on staff and we are very carefull in choosing our volunteers as we think they shuld fit into our team.


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La experiencia estuvo bien, pero principalmente por la interacción con las otras voluntarias. Las instalaciones son buenas y me sentí muy cómoda en mi espacio. El trabajo en general en recepción no es mucho y la limpieza es fácil de hacer. Sin embargo debo agregar que me hubiese gustado haberme sentido más bienvenida por parte del anfitrión. No tuve ningún inconveniente personal con Class, pero no percibí mucha sensibilidad ni interés de su parte en interactuar con nosotras en un intercambio cultural. Me sentí más bien como una empleada del lugar.

3 days ago



The hostel is very nice and small, you can meet people from all over the world. The volunteers are very friendly. The tasks are simple like cleaning and reception and the schedules are very flexible.

11 days ago



It was only when I arrived at the hostel that I learnt that I would be helping with the refurbishment of the hostel (on the platform it said reception, cleaning). at the beginning he asked me to help with the refurbishment for 5 days and then do the combined work on the platform. all 13 days that I stayed there I only worked on the refurbishment. so I asked for Worldpackers insurance and left volunteering.
- The food offered wasn't enough (there was no breakfast or dinner, he bought some supplies).
- I was treated like a normal employee, as if I had been paid to do the hard labor.

21 days ago

Claas replied

First of all we didn't force anyone into hard labor! As we are out of season and there where no guests or not many we started to do some wood works and refurbishments on our roof terrace. We asked if Juan wants to help. I made clear that he can also stay at the reception. He agreed to help and I gave him some sweatpants and a pair of trainers (have fun with my Adidas that you just took even if they are 3 numbers to big for you😅) not that he has to use his own clothes. We talked about everything. One day he mentioned that his back started hurting so we told him to take extra off days till he thinks it's fine again.
We know that the work was not according to what we are usually offer or agree on. It was optional and more an offer to work withe us in the sun on our roof terrace instead of sitting lonely at the reception.
We thought we made all of this very clear.
We from our side are disappointed about the lack of communication from Juan's side. And definitely not happy if volunteers are just gone one morning instead of talking about things that someone is bothered by.
We thought that people who can travel the world are able to express their needs instead of just disappearing...we are definitely listening!
We treat every volunteer with respect and we are always thankful for the help we get but also understand that we probably can't fulfill everyone's needs by 100% as we are all individuals.
We usually have very good relationships with our volunteers and some are becoming friends.
Renovations are done and we thank you Juan anyway for your help. It was actually very nice working with you.👍



My experience at the hotel was good, I was able to make lots of friends and get to know the city of Tirana!

23 days ago



Everything was good in the Hostel, with Class and with the other volunteers. We had a situation and we talked immediately with Class, who fixed it and tried his best to make us feel comfortable.

about 2 months ago

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