HOSTEL BARRIO @ Down Town Mexico City (CDMX)

Located in the heart of Mexico City, this new project introduces you to new experiences through culture, tours and comfort with an innovative concept for the traveler. Our hostel is full of traditional Mexican color representing authentic experiences that show you how extraordinary this destination is. The comfort and modernity of the rooms, with a traditional Mexican atmosphere in the corridors, will make you feel comfortable and right at home. Discover great places around and learn about art, history and food as Mexico City is one of the gastronomical capitals of the world. All of this combined with the folklore of the city, will fascinate you with this destination. Barrio will take you on tours of the city’s oldest markets, full of colorful handicrafts, exotic food and more… Here, you can create art, recharge your energy on your trip and try typical dishes. Barrio will immerse you in Mexican culture so that you’ll feel a part of this culture and its tradition.

We're a young cool staff that are willing to meet other cultures from all over the world I've been traveling for many years and experiencing this type of adventures and now its time for me to be the host!


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This hostel is a beauty
And the people working there are amazing
They’re gonna take care of you and you’re needs, as much as they’re gonna help you enjoy your trip.
Everything can be talked and discussed, and the task we have to do are pretty fun. I was in charge of the walking tour and enjoyed it a lot. All of them make you feel welcomed. Plus it has a perfect location to visit all the cool stuff and enjoy all the best parties. 10/10 recommend 🫶🏻

about 1 month ago

United Kingdom


The hostel is super clean, modern and comfortable and well located and the team are all very friendly. I got very sick the first week and the host was understanding and supportive when I couldn’t work. Sometimes we would be asked to work last minute and hours weren’t communicated clearly enough but the host was understanding when we couldn’t work last minute. Also I struggled not speaking Spanish here, it’s great practice but I’d definitely recommend knowing a little Spanish beforehand! Overall it was a great first volunteer experience.

3 months ago



Definitely the facilities and the location of the Hostel are the best. The first 2 weeks since I arrived the hostel wasn't even open yet, so there wasn't many activities to do. I really enjoyed the city in general cause the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the central square are a just a few blocks away. I wasn't really able to connect that much with other travelers but we had a great time with the rest of the volunteers. The activities weren't very clear at the beginning but they always respected the number of hours and days of work.

3 months ago



The hostel is brand new so a lot of the things were badly communicated/very unclear. Some of it wasn't the host's fault, for example there weren't many guests yet, meaning not many activities to organize or things to do in general. But sometimes they would tell me 1-2 hours before that they needed me to work, meaning I had to reschedule/cancel plans/say no. The hostel is absolutely beautiful, they put a lot of thought into detail and it is very comfortable. It was also harder for me because I am not fluent in Spanish and some of the staff doesn't speak English and the main people aren't fluent

3 months ago

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