Hostel Fort Side Jaisalmer

We are a small tourist hostel located to very close to jaisalmer fort and center on town so volunteer can easy explore the city and fort and also with our volunteer we show them the real desert life because i am form desert village so they can come to my village and stay some time there .

Myself alladin manager hostel fort side jaisalmer and i have two staff but they are not good in english so i need volunteers who can speak little english only communication english .

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Allaudin is an amazing person, open minded and treated me like family. We talked about many subjects and had a great time. Unfortunatelly, there where not much work to do and because of that I asked to leave the place one day before and he agreed. Thank you for everything, Allaudin.

8 months ago


I had a incredible time ate Hostel Fort Side. I send there almost 10 days painting some walls. It was good meet Alladdin. The Hostel is beautiful and my favorites place is the roof top with an incredible view to the fort the perfect place to chilling and meet new people allover the work. The work and tasks it was good and i had a lot of time to explore the city. Thanks for the opportunity Alladdin. Hope see you soon

over 1 year ago

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