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Our guesthouse is located in Ilha do Guajiru which is a beautiful and safe area in the northeast of Brazil. Ilha do Guajiru consist of just one street along the big kite surf lagoon. It's a very laid back and small kite-surf-place but it gets pretty busy in high season. It's very usual to see free donkeys, horses or cows passing your way. There are no supermarkets, banks or pharmacies, etc. in our small kite surf area. However the next village with all the necessary shops and banks is 6 km away from our remote place and it's easy to get there. We have a combination of hostel and guesthouse. Our little restaurant is offering a tasty& healthy vegetarian cuisine which is the same kind of catering for our volunteers....certainly Caipirinha and cold beer is part of the Brazilian life style and will be served in our beach bar in front of the huge kite surf lagoon.

We are a small team of three - six regular employees and we also host volunteers. It feels like a small family business as we are usually getting along very well and respect each other. Generally we are happy about people who can help with the daily targets of a guesthouse but also help to manage our beach bar and help with the service in our vegetarian beach restaurant. Beside the daily help we also appreciate helpers with special skills in kite surfing, yoga, meditation, massage, online marketing, carpeting, art, gardening, vegan or vegetarian hobby-chefs, maintenance, hobby web-designer, English teacher for our staff, etc. However please feel free to contact us and ask about more details. !!! Please check out if the time period of your stay fits to your help and expectations with the season. !!!! ------ Targets in relation to the seasons: ----- --> July - January: This is our windy season and we receive international kite surf guests. We need happy and friendly helpers who like to help with the general service of a guesthouse: If it's busy you are welcome to manage our beach bar and give us a hand in our vegetarian restaurant, keep the place neat or give it a glance with your creativity, help the guests to start and land their kite, if you are a kite surfer you can help with downwinder-tours, sometimes with breakfast or check-in and check-out, informing guests about tourist attraction and the area, etc. On more quiet days we like to do improve the place and appreciate professional help with maintenance, gardening, art&design, yoga, meditation, paintings, online-marketing, administration, photos, etc. >>> Mid October - mid December: This is the highest season and we need help with the general targets. It can get very full and stressful but also fun and definitely windy. :) In this season we have a lot of German speaking guests and it might be more fun for you if you speak a bit German. However it's not necessary.

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Foram 15 dias onde pude aprender muita coisa e ao mesmo tempo descansar o corpo e a alma. Pessoas de várias nacionalidades e culturas diferentes, pude aprender um pouco também sobre alimentação vegana, vegetariana e um estilo de vida saudável. Fiz amigos e tenho um carinho especial pelo local.

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