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Volunteers will have the opportunity to know the local culture and hang out with many international guests. We are close to the seaside and there are some hiking routes around to go on foot. Many turist attractions and touristic places are closeby and reachable by bus/train in a short time. We are opened newly and everything at the hostel is brand-new. We provide a very comfortable and friendly environment.

I had been volunteering for three years before opening my own hostel. I experienced how it is to be a volunteer. We are easy-going people enjoying to be among guests, to know new people and culture.

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Emre is a lovely Person, he is a big Traveller and will Provide you with lots of Information about Montenegro. The work was rellay easy and the Food we got, to cook with was nice as well. The beds are really comfortable and and also the location from the Hostel is really good.

23 days ago



Great experience! The host, Emre is a well travelled individual with experience personally as a volunteer creating a warm environment, respect of hours + positive working experience. The work is clear, the food provided is consistent, and the dorm rooms (shared with guests) are always clean. Small hostel, need to be able to self-entertain, in a great location.

about 1 month ago



Hostel Hangout is exactly a place for volunteers, the host is a traveler in heart and soul, he has been a volunteer for a while and he understands the mind of those who are traveling.

All hours are fulfilled in a light way and without anything exhausting.

The place is full of mountains, close to amazing beaches and lots of nature.

The facilities are new, comfortable beds, everything very clean and organized.
The hostel is super close to the train station.

My experience was only for a week, but enough time to miss you!

Thank you for this incredible experience!

about 1 month ago



Emre was an amazing host - always ensuring you were happy with the work and had enough food. The housekeeping/ cleaning work was easy and because it was low season was generally finished in 1-2 hours and then maybe some reception in the evening. This meant I had lots of time to explore the old town and surrounding areas. Would definitely reccomend this experience for other travellers!!

about 1 month ago

United States


Emre and Maria were so helpful and knowledgeable about the area and Montenegro! The hours were great and agreed upon beforehand and Emre never made me feel stressed about the work. I came during the low season so there were less tourists and travel options, but it was still easy to get around as the hostel is close to the train and bus station.
I will definitely miss Maria's yummy food and hope to visit again someday in the future 😊

7 months ago

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