Hostel Inn Downtown

We are like a family and everything is agreement . Quiet, clean, downtown. Hostel has a big terrace but it is in use only during summer. We are non smoking hostel but smoking is allowed out, on terrace. We are pet friendly.

I am the mother of two boys, workers in the hostel are pleasant, hospitable, cheerful. We all respect each other and we take care of the guests as if they were on a family.


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My stay at Hostel Inn Downtown was pretty good! The hours and tasks were really easy, but as it's a really small hostel I was left completely in charge without much direction. The staff here were great, very nice and helpful, but the host, Maja, is not very involved in the hostel anymore. It took until my 3rd day to finally meet her, and I only spoke to her after that if there was an emergency (she was fairly easy to get in contact with in that case!). Overall I would recommend only if you're okay working alone and don't need much guidance.

over 1 year ago

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