We are the only hostel in Marburg. It is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and improve your German skills while getting to know a beautiful university town near Frankfurt and potentially earn some money, too.

You will start work after breakfast at 06:30 and work in housekeeping until about 13:00, take a long break and then work at reception for a few hours in the evening. Sometimes there is lunch on the house and company-sponsored partying in town.


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My experience working at Hostel Marburg One was so useful to gain laboral experience and I feel I learned a lot doing my tasks there. Out of work, I had a lot of fun, met many good people and brought back home great friends and memories. The people there were open to me since the first day. About the family, I can't complain, they were so nice and I felt always comfortable, I'm so thanked to them. I recommend it 100%

10 months ago



I am very grateful to Uli because he has been very patient and friendly. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to travel because the borders are closed, but they have been very kind and gave me the opportunity to travel as soon as I can. I am very excited to be able to go and help. I know it will be a very pleasant time as Uli and Daniel have been very kind helping me in this process. Thank you very much!!

over 1 year ago



You would be doing some hours of reception, and helping the other staff members with the housekeeping chores!

The Staff team is fantastic, and the location was so good for people that like nature and want to improve their German! I had a fantastic time in Germany and it was an unforgettable first experience worldpacking!

I would like to highlight the great help that Uli gave me throughout my whole experience, and allowing me to stay longer due to my flights being cancelled for the current global situation.

about 2 years ago



Definitely recommend! Friendly atmosphere! Good team! Everything is organized in the best way!
It’s a good opportunity to make your world bigger and to improve your language skills. Besides it’s a town of fairy tales. You can find yourself in a castle where Cinderella forgot her shoe. The place is very romantic.

almost 3 years ago



pretty friendly staff in a cozy hostel¡¡ the staff helped me out improving my german and showing me part of the german culture , i truly recommend this worldpacker experience.

about 4 years ago

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