Hostel On 3rd

Because we have a family and relaxed atmosphere, and folks get along well with each other. We have a convenient location, public transportation is efficient, one can walk around town easily and take public transportation system efficiently, etc.

We are a small team of staff; we listen to them and work with them on their schedule needs. We treat them like our family, friends, and guests.


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Loved it ! Amazing hosts! Awesome people!

4 months ago

United States


This place is in a great location for downtown SD. Management was nice and very accommodating. I met so many good people. Parking is a bit hard but other than that a great place to be.

8 months ago

United States


I had a great experience working at Hostel on 3rd. The duties are easy and the supervisors help you out all the time. They make you feel at home and help you to get the hang of things from they one. The volunteers there are also a great. People in hostels come and go naturally, so it is important to connect with the volunteers to have work and, of course, have a good time; I had all of that since the beginning , it was great.

9 months ago

France, Metropolitan


Nancy and the rest of the team at Hostel on 3rd are really hearty and friendly. Always smiling, your stay is surrounded by positive people. You get a really good training for the work you have to do there and you even take pleasure at doing it. San Diego is also an amazing city. Definitely recommend!!

10 months ago



Eu amei minha experiência no Hostel On 3rd! Os staffs foram super receptivos, amigos e parceiros. O hostel para mim tinha cara de casa. Os guests também eram super legais! Aprendi muito sobre San Diego, sobre os americanos e sobre administrar um hostel e também me diverti muito, conheci pessoas e lugares incríveis. Em relação a horas & tarefas, no começo você faz housekeeping e o horário não é lá muito bom (das 12h às 16h), mas, se você tem um inglês bom, logo vc começa com front desk também e tem horários melhores. Ao longo deste um mês, eu trabalhei com quatro brasileiros.

about 2 years ago

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