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Our hostel has been open for 5 years and is your "home away from home" while you´re travelling. We are small social hostel with young international staff who love to take care of our guests!

We concentrate about our customer service and we try to do anything we can to make everyone´s trip to Prague to be the best trip of their lives! Our idea is simple - we are here one big family where everyone is having fun and taking care of each other! If you love meeting new people and sharing your travel experiences - this is the place for you!

Helping in the hostel means to help us with anything needed around the place - helping with shopping, cooking, showing map, talking to the guests, taking people out to the clubs, playing games, attending various afternoon activities (beergarden, picnics, cultural trips etc.) The help is usually only few hours per day but our idea is that you enjoy meeting new people and chilled environment in the hostel.

Volunteering in our hostel is nothing difficult. We just would like that everyone (including volunteers) will have a good time and enjoy hostel environment. We require excellent level of English, any other language skills is always a plus (Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc.)! We are youth hostel with majority of people between 20 to 30 years old and despite of not being official party hostel, we expect from volunteer to enjoy going out too.

We are hard working top rated hostel in the busy city of Prague, our staff are all international backpackers cause we think the best hostel for backpackers is one ran by backpackers, we are very social group who likes to go out and have a good time but also take the job seriously our guests experience is the most important thing to us. We are a crazy family who are always helping each other out and we expect the same from you as well. :)

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Hostel One Fam was literally a family for me. With all the staff members I could shared a lot of adventures and good times. They had the patience to train me, very supportive people. Definitely, I made some good friends there.
About the facilities, everything was all right. During the hottest days, It was a little bit difficult to sleep, but nothing terrible. The common area is great for interacting with the guest, doing some drinking games and having meaningful conversations. I really enjoyed my cooking shifts, even though sometimes I had to cook for almost 25 people. Prague is gorgeous.

5 months ago



I had such an amazing month at Hostel One Old Town!! The location was great, the work was super fun especially the day and night activities, it's so easy to meet and interact with people from the hostel and the vibe is great (the night shifts are a bit tough hahah but you only have them once or twice a week and there's always company)! The other volunteers were so amazing it felt like a little family, Rafael is always a good vibe and there if we need anything. If you want to socialise, party and meet a lot of people this experience is for you!!!

5 months ago



I had two amazing months at Hostel One Old Town! The hostel is the of the best I’ve ever been to. It’s super social and it’s very easy to start talking to people, both for staff and guests. The work is easy and the activities that we do with the guests are super fun!

Worth noting is that the hostel has quite strict rules for the staff to keep the hostel professional so you can’t mess around however much you want. It can also be a little difficult to get several days off in a row.

However, this was nothing that impacted my stay negatively and I recommend everyone to come volunteer here!!

6 months ago



It was lots of fun as long as you are wiling to socialize. Tasks are easy. There is waaay to much noise in the bedroom which can make it hard to sleep sometimes. Also the shower is in the same (really small) room where laundry is done and there is bunch of staff in there, which makes it uncomfortable to be honest. The rest was really good, I recommend it to anyone that likes to go out and meet ppl. (9/10)

10 months ago

United States


I had a great time at in Prague! I’m super grateful for the work exchange that was provided. There was a very nice common area, it’s in a great location, and it is very easy to make friends with the guests and other volunteers.

12 months ago

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