Hotel de Campo

Hotel de Campo is a family owned Eco Lodge located in the National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro. A place surrounded by wonderful wetlands, perfect for nature lovers. The project ‘Hotel de Campo’ started in 1996 with the idea of creating an Eco lodge which combines real contact with nature without giving up on comfort. Since then we made a big effort to reforest our property adjacent to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. You will live with us on our beautiful property with full access to all services like using our pool, the gym and our Kayaks and Canoes. We offer you a room into a rustic & typical Costa Rican house of rural areas with a share bathroom and access to the kitchen. Being with us, you will be working and living in a great community, being able to make an interesting exchange of language, knowledge and cultures, in addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, helping to preserve it.

Our family consists out of 5 - Mauro and Patricia, the Hotel owners, Fabiola, who is part time in Caño Negro, part time in San Jose for her University, our youngest member Bruno(7), and our dog Lulu. Furthermore, we have 5 staff members, many of them being with us for many years already, which we treat as family too.


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I definitely do 'not recommend this place. The owner is a very unfriendly person that will you make work as a slave and will not give you any day off.
I work 13 days in a row with no day off till he decides to sack me with' no reason and no notice. He didn't even do it itself. He called his assistant from abroad to tell him to do it for him cause he had moved on holidays 10 days after I had just star.He had me swept the leaves from the very big botanic garden all the time. Furtherlore he is a very tight person, gross, and unpolite that will make your stay stressful and unpleasant!!

over 2 years ago

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