Hotel Ecologico Finca Ixobel

Volunteering in Finca Ixobel is a great opportunity to meat people from all over the world, get to know the people from the local community and their way of living and to enjoy your time off in a unique natural setting or join the trips that we offer to our guests.

We need a host or hostess, somebody who has experience in taking care of horses, a bartender or a carpinter or someone with building skills. Room and board are given in exchange for work. It’s a great opportunity to meet travelers from around the world, to get to know the people from the local community and get the chance to take part in the excursions that we have to offer. We require that you speak at least English and Spanish. The minimum stay is 6 weeks. our volunteers work 6 days per week. (8 hrs/day).


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Genial!\nEl staff muy bueno y el lugar increíble,fue una experiencia maravillosa con los chicos de la finca y los animales también traen alegria al lugar !\n

3 months ago

United States

What an amazing time I had here at the Finca ,from the moment I saw the place on internet I knew I could not go wrong in applying to volunteer here. As always I gave my 100% in working to what was agreeded upon and they would always let me know how much they appreciated it. Owner can get stressed out sometimes as anyone knows if you are an owner, but believe me she has a great heart . The staff always were laughing which complimented the endless birds sounds you hear on the property. My private accommodation was just perfect for me. All in all loved it ,not to mention the great dog s Yes

8 months ago


Fue una experiencia buena, la gente que trabaja en el hostal es re linda. Si ten gusta la naturaleza y quieres paz es el lugar perfecto!
Y sus actividades están increíbles. Agradecida de gran experiencia!

9 months ago

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