Hotel Ecologico Finca Ixobel

Volunteering at Finca Ixobel is a great opportunity to meet people from all over and to experience the Guatemalan culture. Practice your Spanish or visit the nearby town and mingle with the locals . Enjoy your down time by partaking in our activities such as horseback riding, caving and walks through the jungle and pine forest. We are also in an area with lots to do, Tikal and Flores a nearby as well as Rio Dulce.

We are a family run ecological hotel/guest house in a unique setting of pine forest and jungle, located on 400 acres. We have horses and other animals. Our main attractions are the restaurant, bakery and the hotel/campground. We look for people who can do a variety of chores like help out in the restaurant and hotel. There are always small DYI projects going as well. We also look for people with special talents like social media, animal care and construction. We are in a relaxed environment and easy going.


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Maria was a really good host. She made sure i was confortable and was always understanding. I left the finca earlier than planned because the job wasnt what i was expected but it was still a good experience overall. If you want to disconnect from real life and take a break in the nature this is the place for you !

4 months ago



I had an amazing time in Poptún. The hours and work were as agreed. I had my own space in a private room which was fitted with a washroom and a hammock. For food I had full access to the kitchen where I would work around the restaurant staff to cook my own meals and the ingredients were fresh, delicious and plentyful. They even had their own bakery with some amazing bread. My Spanish was very limited but the staff were helpful in breaking down language barriers. This was a great opportunity to reconnect with nature in a beautiful peaceful place.

5 months ago



Estuve en Finca Ixobel por dos meses en el área de marketing y fotografía, fué una muy buena experiencia, pude desarrollar mis habilidades y conocer tanto locales como viajeros de todo el mundo.
La cabaña que me tocó era cómoda pero no servía la regadera y solo había internet en el restaurante.
Tuve un accidente y pase más de una semana en muletas, los trabajadores de la finca se portaron excelente conmigo, me hicieron de comer, me llevaron al hospital y me hicieron compañía.
El trabajo es razonable y los horarios flexibles.
Ideal para personas proactivas sin miedo a la naturaleza.

7 months ago



La experiencia en Finca Ixobel fue especial!El lugar es rodeado de naturaleza y muy lindo. El team del restaurante es muy alegre, de corazón y profesional.Los hombres del mantenimiento también fueron agradables y me enseñaron muchas cosas. Maria es un dueño disponible y amable. Esperamos de regresar pronto!

7 months ago



Living at Finca Ixobel and working in Poptun will always have a special place in my heart. There was a lot of creative freedom in the role. Living here is a rustic experience in the middle of the forest, so being prepared for that helps. The wifi wasn’t available in specific places but the hotel is currently updating it. Come with a lot of insect repellent and anti-itch meds as the mosquitoes are always there! As a photographer, I was able to come up with news ways to tell Finca’s story and will come back again so I’d recommend it :)

8 months ago

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