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We are a small guest house in the fort of Jaisalmer, with six rooms and a rooftop . I are committed to showing travelers the beauty of our city. Our rooftop overlooks Jaisalmer lake, and the Jain temple is nestled up beside us. I have been here for eight years and would love to exchange cultures with people from all across the world. Worldpackers seems the perfect way to do this, don't hesitate to message me with any questions. We need someone to help with the guests, management, restaurant, reception, music, painting, etc. Helping manage internet accounts (like this one) and make a new website, would be great also. Sometimes, you will get the opportunity to go to desert, have contact with the desert life. Also you will come with us to visit the local villages. Spend some time with the village people, their families, and the farm animals. We often stay with them in order for visitors to gain a genuine understanding of the differing cultures within Rajasthan. We also visit schools, where you can see what knowledge is important to the children around Jaisalmer. We ask to help in the guesthouse . There are many amazing things to do here, such as walk down the the lake (10-15 minutes away) or explore the winding streets of the fort itself. There is a sunset point a few moments away with beautiful views of the city from on high. We also get an amazing view of sunrise from our rooftop if you can manage being awake for it!

Im from a small village near Jaisalmer, I have two guest houses inside the fort. You are welcome to enjoy with us our culture. Being 'through the looking glass', greeting travelers and tourists and gaining an insight into what it is like living in this city, rather than traveling through. You would see the food we cook, and how. You can leave here knowing the secret to a perfect cup of chai! Also, knowing how we live here, as locals, would be something that you might not see otherwise. You will also come on a camel safari with us. This is an enlightening and uplifting experience, which no one should leave Jaisalmer without! You would leave with a tour arranged by us for some of the paying guests, enjoy your own camel and trek through dunes and surrounding villages. This is definitely a must-do for anyone visiting our desert city.


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It's a good optiin to come to the temple view, you will be very well treated and will be very comfortable. Teju will help you a lot and Araabh the cook will cook you very good veggie local meals :)

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