Hue Le Thi Dieu

I live in Thu Dau Mot city. This is a small city of Binh Duong province which is about 20 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh city. Our place is very quiet and the people are very friendly. There are many attractive places around my house. For example, a beautiful river is about 1 km far from my house, with many boats, fishing man, a big field... The Yoga class start from 6 am every morning. It is free for everyone. The teacher in Yoga class is my friend, she is also a foreigner. She comes from Russia. I hope my place would be a good place for traveler to come and experience.

My name is Hue. I am an enthusiastic and friendly person. I want to travelling , cooking and make friend with the people all over the words. I usually cook many foods when I have free time. Sometimes I invite my friends to come to try my foods. I can cook many Vietnamese food such as: Banh Xeo, Mi Quang, spring rolls...Beside, I can cook many foods such as: Spagheti, Curry...and foods for vegeterian. I have 2 children. My son is Quang Minh. He is 2 years old. My daughter is LeVy. She is 5 years old. She can speak English I graduated University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh city in 2011. After that, I worked in a financial company in 5 years. When I worked in financial company, I didn't have time to look after my baby. So I feel very sad. I stopped working in 2016 when I had my second baby. I spend time to look after my baby and help some small Kids group to study English, Vietnamese, Math, history.... All the students from 4-14 years old. The volunteer always be treated as a member of the family. You will homestay. It is very easy for you to understand about Vietnamese people and culture through living with local people in one house I will offer 3 meals a day for volunteers. I usually cook many good foods for the volunteer. I am very happy to see volunteer enjoying the foods I cooked. All the foods are fresh and healthy. The days off usually have small parties. I usually invite may foreigner friends come and make friends with the volunteers here. There are one motorbike and one bicycle here available for volunteers. You can drive by yourself to see many cultural and historic places, beautiful beaches, natural reserve around here. I will teach you Vietnamese and teach you cooking. You also can join Yoga class every the morning which is closed to a river. You have a private room with bed (1.6 x 2 m). WIFI is very strong. My husband has a small garden with fish and vegetable. And my parents'house have small farm with many trees such as: mango, banana, coffee, coconut,... Vietnam is a tropical country, so here have many kind of fruit. All of them are very fresh and good I hope in the future, I will have a small farm. International volunteer teachers can experience a peaceful life in the farm with all the foods provided from the farm. The kids also can experience growing foods in the farm besides their learning In the fruit season, you can help the farmers to harvest the fruits from their farms

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