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We are located in a rural part of Tokushima, by the ocean and along the 88 temple pilgrimage route. If you like to meet different people from all over the world, while learning about rural life in Japan, this is the place for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about living in Japan, Japanese society, language etc.

At the moment, we run the hostel as a couple. We are an international couple, speaking English and Japanese together, and love to learn about different countries around the world - we look forward to hearing about yours! We live and work in close proximity, so there will be a lot of time spent together, however we also respect peoples' privacy and private time, and understand everyone has different motivations and goals they want to achieve during their time here. We are flexible, but also expect you to work hard during the hours you work!


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wOw ! Never would I have excepted to have so much love for a voluneer experience!
You may read that it’s in a quiet town but there is so much to discover around. To Do’s: bike along river, hike, eat. One of the best chefs around is Erika-san. The Hiwasa community is so interested in getting to know foreigners and tries their best to communicate with a non-Japanese speaker.
It didn’t take me long to feel comfortable in the space Umi-san and Erika-san create. No matter how specific your question is about culture, they can and want to answer it precisely!
I’ll come back ☼

14 days ago



This was the best volunteer and hostel experience I have ever had. Erika-san and Umi-san are very nice, caring and cool host. Honestly they raised the Japanese hospitality bar very high for me. They are excellent cooks, I had so many tasty Japanese home cooked meals. I didnt even realise how a month passed away, didn’t wanted to leave 🥹. I was lucky enough to attend traditional Japanese performances event (which was organised by Umi-san).
The tasks are very simple and explained very clearly on your first day. I definitely recommend this place for the best volunteer experience of your life!!

about 2 months ago

United States


My time at Ichi was peaceful. Hiwasa is a quiet seaside town with excellent food, wonderful trails, immaculate sunsets, and truly kind locals. If you're looking for envelopment in nature and a slow-going lifestyle, this is the place for you. I developed my routine by riding one of the hostel bikes, spending hours at the beautiful Ryugu Park doing Yoga, and doing some online classes. I shared Umi and Erika's living quarters, a stone's throw from the hostel doors, yet had full access to the wonderful shared spaces inside Ichi! Finally, the countryside facilitates ample Japanese practice! BigUp.

6 months ago



Wonderful place to stay and volunteer, lovley hosts! If you're looking for a quiet, calm place far away from the big cities, enjoying slow life and exploring the countryside of Japan, this could be for you!

Well, at least that's what I was looking for and it turned out to be even better. Erika and Umi are cheerful and caring hosts. They welcomed me warm-hearted and were always happy to help when I had any questions. And let me tell you about the food! We got home-cooked, japanese meaIs every day. Erika also made sure that there was always a vegan option for me!

Thank you for everything ♡

9 months ago



This was my first time using Worldpackers and it was an amazing experience!
Umi & Erika are wonderful hosts who truly welcome you into their home as if it was your own.

The work was as described, straightforward and there was always help if you needed it.

The sights around Minami are beautiful, from quiet spots on the river for an afternoon swim to hikes offering views of the surrounding coastline and mountains.

There are so many opportunities to meet local people and travellers alike and get a sense of what it’s like to live in a small Japanese town.

I highly recommend applying!

10 months ago

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