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Discover a professional yet enjoyable environment where you'll share your space with just one fellow volunteer, each with their own single bed (no bunk beds). Indulge in the benefits of a conducive workspace – if this resonates with you, then this is the perfect place!

My name is Leyber - Venezuelan by origin, a traveler by heart. After years of exploring various corners of the world, I sought a place to call home and discovered it in the north of Tenerife. We consider our volunteers an integral part of our family, and despite our small size, we value mutual respect for each other's space, all while ensuring an environment filled with joy and various activities!

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im glad that this was my first experience❤️ the house is located in a quiet area, so its great to connect with nature and take a break from busy life energy but still meet people
leyber is understanding and flexible, if youre comunicating with him
the work itself is not difficult, you will get access to a volunteer guide with a clear to-do list, but you may be asked to take care of some additional tasks
if you go there during the different season than i was, you will also have opportunity to explore real Tenerife life/ culture as part of weekly activities:)
overall very beautifull times⭐️

3 days ago



My experience at Ikigai was pretty good. Leyber was nice enough but (maybe just at the time that I was there) he seemed to lack the motivation to engage with volunteers/other travellers and he seemed a little burnt out. Most of the work was to clean the house every day, which you’ll have to be comfortable being asked to do without receiving many please & thank yous or much explanation on how to do the tasks correctly. Also, Tenerife isn’t easy to access by foot. It’s about a 45 minute walk to Puerto de la Cruz from the coliving and it’s 1-2.5 hrs of bussing each way if you want to go farther.

about 1 month ago



The coliving is located in a beautiful area and the house itself is really nice! :)
I worked 3 days a week for 4 hours and 2 days for 6 hours. Even though the working hours are always respected, you got to expect to really work your full hours! The tasks can also be really personal, you need to do a lot for Leyber…
Leyber has a precise idea of how the tasks should be done. His way of communicating sometimes makes it feel more like fulltime job, as he also texts you during your free time. Just be prepared to take a lot of responsibility! Nevertheless, you meet great people,had lots of fun :)

about 2 months ago



I'm so lucky to have my first Worldpackers experience in this place! I felt welcome, appreciated and respected, thanks to the incredible host and a friend Leyber :) Yes, you have to be prepared to work full hours. Although it's flexible depending on the events happening that day. But I had fun doing the tasks since the other volunteer was happy to help! I've learnt so much about the culture, ate the most amazing food, enjoyed the sunny weather and met so many beautiful and friendly people. After only one month, Ikigai has a special place in my heart. I'll definitely be coming back! <3

3 months ago

United States


Leyber is not only an amazing host, but a brother as well. From the day I showed up, I felt like a part of the family. He cares a lot about your experience as a volunteer and will make sure that everyone's happy! The work isn't difficult at all, and you'll have plenty of free time. The coliving itself is an awesome place, full of positive, open-minded travelers. It's a very social and inclusive environment, so you'll always be welcome to join all sorts of group activities. Mountains, black sand beaches, community, Canarian culture, it's all here in Tenerife. I will definitely be coming back!

3 months ago

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