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If you are looking for a professional yet fun enviroment, Sharing your space with just one other volunteer on your own single bed (no bunk beds) and enjoy the perks of having a suitable work space this is the place for you!

My name is Leyber, I was born & raised in Venezuela but have travelled and lived in many places. After many years of traveling I needed to find a place to call home and I found this in the north of Tenerife. Volunteers are expected to treat as part of the family, we are quite small and its ideal to respect eachothers space while still having fun!

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I had really nice time at Ikigai. The house is spacious, cozy and located in a good and calm area. Working hours were respected and the host is chill and flexible. Also the work is simple and easy. We had many activities every week with the guests and I made a lot of friends here.

I would recommend the place for people who like to meet new people and socialize but also enjoy their own time and space from time to time.

8 days ago



Ikigai is a really beautiful and quiet place!
Leyber is very flexible about the working hours and although there was some misunderstanding I've enjoyed my three weeks here :)

10 days ago



I couldn‘t have wished for a better place to make my first volunteer experience. I felt welcome by the day I got there, the atmosphere was always respectful & kind.
Weekly activities make you trying out new things & feeling familiar with all the people staying in the house.
Leyber is chill & makes sure you never overwork, also he’s flexible with working hours if you need to move your hours for plans in your free time. The work in general is not hard.
I can recommend the place for every kind of person who likes to be social & still have a quiet place to retreat to 🌞
Thank you Ikigai 🤍✨🍃

about 1 month ago

United States


Ikigai feels like home from the moment you arrive. As a solo traveler, it was the perfect environment to make wonderful friends and meet interesting people. The house is located near a bus station, grocery stores, and is close to beaches/downtown Puerto— all while being surrounded by banana trees. Leyber finds a variety of activities for everyone to participate in and will make sure you feel like a local. We went on beautiful hikes, learned how to make mojo, attended interesting concerts, and had many game nights. I will always look back on this as one of the best experiences in my life!!

about 2 months ago



Staying at Ikigai was an amazing experience that I’d recommend to everyone who’s looking forward to meet amazing people, connect with nature and experience an authentic cultural exchange.
Leyber is a great host and became a dear friend after almost 2 months at Ikigai.
I felt at home straight away and becoming part of the family happens naturally since there are many community activities that are being planned! You can expect to experience a precious life experience that is totally worth it the work! :)

3 months ago

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