Il Rifugio degli animali Felici, Onlus.

At RAF, happy animal sanctuary you will experience the real nature,the kindness of every animal. Some animals,more than others, had a bad past , they ve been abused and disrespected but all that is a bad old story with an happy ending. You will see dogs playing with lambs , cats cuddling baby dears , This animals will teach you kindness and respect, like no other can do. You will be part of a project that cures wild animals and then,when possible, release them , cause freedom does matter for animals! You will experience the true love , that Giancarlo , the 80 years old owner of the sanctuary , has for every animal of the sanctuary. You will be part of a dream coming reality : a world where animals and humans live togheter respecting and caring for each other. And I can assure you that that is pretty special!!! 🐶

Every volunteer will be treated with love , especially from our “guest” ,the animals! Cats , dogs ,lambs and even Pietro, the rooster ,will follow you around , keeping you company and giving you a cuddle whenever you need it !

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