Il Rifugio degli animali Felici, Onlus.

At RAF, happy animal sanctuary you will experience the real nature,the kindness of every animal. Some animals,more than others, had a bad past , they ve been abused and disrespected but all that is a bad old story with an happy ending. You will see dogs playing with lambs , cats cuddling baby dears , This animals will teach you kindness and respect, like no other can do. You will be part of a project that cures wild animals and then,when possible, release them , cause freedom does matter for animals! You will experience the true love , that Giancarlo , the 80 years old owner of the sanctuary , has for every animal of the sanctuary. You will be part of a dream coming reality : a world where animals and humans live togheter respecting and caring for each other. And I can assure you that that is pretty special!!! 🐶

Every volunteer will be treated with love , especially from our “guest” ,the animals! Cats , dogs ,lambs and even Pietro, the rooster ,will follow you around , keeping you company and giving you a cuddle whenever you need it !


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Fui voluntário por um mês e tive uma experiência ótima. Fui muito bem recebido pela Jassica e Andrea, dois jovens empenhados e bons de coração. Existe muito e todo tipo de trabalho para se fazer no dia a dia. Eu gostava de limpar os estábulos dos cavalos de manhã e era perfeito passar um tempo com eles. Todas as manhãs alguns vinham me pedir carinho e a depois os asinos e Poneis. O refugio tem diversos animais e cada um com uma história e personalidade, todos muito carinhosos. Fui hospedado pela Sra. Henrica, e já estou com saudades dela, dos cachorros e da excelente comida.

3 months ago


When you arrive at the Rifugio, you see dogs playing with sheeps, cats playing with dogs, and a lot of love and attention of the staff towards all the 450 animals that live there. It’s a peaceful place with a lot of work to be done which can be somewhat tiring, but it’s so, so worth it. The animals are sweet and the staff is patient and caring. If you want to get your hands a little dirty helping the amazing people do their beautiful work, I truly recommend the Rifugio. I’ll always cherish this incredible experience and I’ll always remember all the animals :)

5 months ago

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