Inch Beach House

This is a wonderful location overlooking inch beach popular for surfing etc .Dingle Peninsula a very historical area with many things to see and do . We are looking for all staff but more over expertise in the kitchen

We also have a restaurant/cafe and self catering so plenty to do and no matter what your talent a slot for you.We would have many local and seasonal staff.

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The location is awesome. However people you are working with are rude and I didnt enjoy the work environment.

11 months ago


It has been my first experience as a worldpacker and I felt like home. Staying and helping here has been incredible. They treated me really well, I learnt a lot and I met amazing people from different countries. Inch Beach is a wonderful place and I hope to come back one day!

11 months ago

Iris replied

We enjoyed having Judith staying with us. She was always willing and obliging to work and a very nice girl. We hope she will come back again to us.


I staid in the B&B and worked at the restaurant. Very, very comfortable accommodation and good food. Iris was very kind and they were fair with the number of hours/day - but the volunteers had to control their days off. Although for me the most important in Worldpackers experiences is meeting the locals and building friendship bounds, this particular experience was pretty much about work, so I haven't spent so much time with the host family because they're really busy and the environment is usually stressful. The staff was really nice, but working under pressure it wasn't actually a lot of fun

12 months ago

Iris replied

We loved having Susane staying and working with us. She was always very obliging and willing. Our place is on the beach and she did come and work with us a very busy time during the summer.


The location is gorgeous and it is a great place to learn to surf! The local villages are only a short ride away, and it is easy to hitch a ride. The locals are pleasant and happy to show you around. The staff you will be working/volunteering for are mostly unpleasant, to be honest. They care about their money, and that's about it. My advice is to do your work quietly and get OUT of there so you can actually enjoy your travel experience. And do let their micromanagement get to you. It's not worth it 😬. Overall, it was a great experience of travel and learning!

about 1 year ago

South Africa

A beautiful and tranquil place to volunteer!

over 1 year ago

Iris replied

Marie was always very helpful and willing to work. We enjoyed having her stay with us.

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