Jaipur by Roadhouse Hostels

Jaipur is a sure stop for most travelers coming to India, it is one part of the "Golden Triangle" of Rajasthan, famous for it's textiles and hand block prints, the place has a lot to offer culturally. Start your day with Yoga in central park, have Samosa and Chai for breakfast, spend your evenings listening to folk music and even design and get an Indian outfit stitched for yourself from a local tailor! Our Hostel in Jaipur is strategically located and places you at a walking distance from every major place of Interest, be it the Bazaars for picking up fancy carpets or the Palaces to marvel at the grandeur of a century past. Volunteering unlike leisure travel immerses you in the local life, you get a better understanding of the daily life, get to learn what really goes on in the Kitchen, pick up the language easily as you'd be needing to use it more with the staff, get to know of the hole-in-wall sort of places, where to get food & Beer at 3 AM from the local expert a.k.a our gaurd uncle! There's a plethora of things we can absorb and learn from each other. We look forward to meeting you and till then, as they say in Jaipur "Ram Ram".

Namaste! We are three friends (Uday, Shubham and Rajesh) who like travelling, hosting and food and that lead us to the idea that changed our lives, opening a chain of Hostels in India! We have a permanent staff of 5, who take care of the day to day maintenance of the property, so you wouldn't have to worry about Housekeeping or Administrative work, unless of course you want to :) The staff is very friendly and you'd be treated like family, we promise. Air Conditioned dormitories with attached bathrooms enable a comfortable stay. Dormitories can accommodate anywhere between 4-8 people depending on the room. Fully equipped kitchen and Laundry services. We have a roof top, a lounge area, games room and a common area, all of which can be accessed by Volunteers. Oh and did we mention the free Wi-Fi?

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