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we are a new hostel 100m from the beach of Cabo Branco and a short boat ride from the kitesurf beach we have a beautiful garden, pool,hammocks, good vibes and a bar. We have the perfect beach around us, great for relaxing in the natural pools. *️️️️*️️️️Please at least a basic level of portuguese , English or spanish .

We are looking for a really responsible, helpful person, interested in having an experience of volunteering in a hostel. We are happy about helpers with skills like online marketing, carpeting, art, gardening, maintenance etc. Certainly we also need general help with the daily routine to make the guests feel comfy. We also need people who helps in the reception with the specific tasks in this area: like guests assistance, making check in and check out, answering telephone ,commited to hostel task, routines and responsabilities. Share your skills with us :) We also want you to feel free to do something you enjoy and are good at. If you are seriously interested in helping us we like to know the following: actual profession? - Which languages are you able to speak? - When are you able to arrive? - For how long are you able to stay? - What would you like to help with and why? - What would be our additional benefit to welcome you as a volunteer in our place? We want to know about your travel plans - and work better at our schedule :) We won't ask you to do something you don't like or you are not good at. Please comunicate with us. We like to find solutions together. >>> IMPORTANT <<< The attitude , education and hygiene are fundamental requirements.

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São super flexíveis, as escalas são fixas o que torna a possibilidade de frequentar/conhecer outros lugares, ambiente amigável e saudável. Foi o melhor hostel que trabalhei até hoje, a equipe está de parabéns por manter o espaço agradável e prazeroso. Agradeço de coração a oportunidade.

5 months ago


Nossasinhora, foi um prazer ficar em esse hostel. Se sinte em casa, uma pequena gran familia.
Os horários sou muito flexiveis. Nunca falta música pra acordar com boa energía de manha e tomar um bom café! Gente boa de mais, valeu galera :))))) vou sentir saudades (sotaque portunhol)

7 months ago


Gerência descomplicada e alto astral mas ATENÇÃO ritmo de trabalho foi intenso, entretanto com direito a banhos de sol e piscina diários para poder descansar da rotina e da praia; em termos gerais ambiente acolhedor para receber voluntários. Muita LUZ pessoas do João Pessoa!!

10 months ago

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