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I have a very small place with room rented to tourists and a shared room for worldpackers plus a loft bed. We try to stick to a 11 to 7 schedule but can work around your schedule. I can explain the couches verses the loft bed. The reviewer was a bit mistaken. I usually take women workers because women guests seem more comfortable with them. Theres no problem with sleeping on couches .
need help managjng the location helping guests , giving them advice showing them around possibly. Keeping the place in order . Meeting arriving guests.
We have a laundry service for washing and folding clothes so not exactly a laundry room.
Also for meals we can pay for the food if worldpacker can cook.

Help as best you can talk to guests a bit make them feel at home etc. I guess you could say we treat guests and staff like family. We can provide meals. You would get to know people from around the world


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Charles was very kind, the work was not hard, and the location is amazing!

about 1 month ago



Charles is such a nice, kind and interesting man, he helped me with everything he could, and we had really interesting conversations. The place offers everything you need in a humble way and unbeatable location. Thanks for everything Charles! Will return for sure!

about 1 month ago



The location is very good, next to central park and there are lots of cafeterias and restaurants around. Subway is just 5 mins away from the house.

Chuck is open to suggestions.

Couldn’t sleep very well, lack of privacy because I slept in the couch in the living room and at night there where strange noises.

It’s only 3 stars because I’ve been in better places and there are some things that can improve.

8 months ago

United States


Breakfast and Dinner were not included. The first night, I went to Whole Foods and had to get my own groceries. The kitchen was very dirty. The sleeping situation was not what was agreed upon. I was told I could sleep on the couch or the “upstairs bunk area”. I got woken up at 6:30 being told he didn’t want me seen by the Airbnb guest sleeping on the couch. He told the other guy who was from France he didn’t want him also being seen coming down from the bunk area by the Airbnb guest. It was very deceptive to the Airbnb guest and made me feel uncomfortable sleeping there. No laundry area.

11 months ago

Charles replied

Wow I explained to Sean many times that I would pay for food and the guest workers can help prepare it. Also explained many times that I offer to send out laundry with the sheets from airbnb guests. I dont understand the comprehension problem. I dont know why he gave me a 2 for staff hours and tasks should be 5 less than an hour a day. The couch situation has never been a problem or the Loft bed . I dont know why Sean makes such a big deal about it. I was very attentive to his needs.. I work around the needs and schedule of the guest workers.

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