Joint Initiatives For Vulnerables Support (Mzeituni)

1. It is an organization established to impart value to the well-being of specific communities living with economic poverty, education, health, environmental protection, re-assistive technology facilities and devices, governance accountability responsibility through project innovation to address the challenges of targeted communities.
2. We focus on safety and a good working environment to enable the intended goals to be achieved through mobilization and motivation for performance.
3. We have enough areas that enable each person to work hard without compromising his or her ability and skills.
4. We respect and value the contributions of status and wealth through the responsibility and wisdom of each person without compromising his or her identity, knowledge and qualities by carrying the readiness to preserve and protect his or her success and development.
5. We have a place that is clean, free, accessible and responsive to the needs of everyone without affecting them psychologically but to develop knowledge, skills and value building.
6. We have a nice place of accommodation thus applies to safe and security of properties, easier to reach, easier to learn community culture and comfortably to any volunteer related to their wishes.

Our organization works with a sense of dignity, respect, wisdom and responsibility to love, work schedule and the realities of good relationships within and outside the work environment. So I, along with all the staff, see the volunteers as people who come to help push the work and development of the institution and not otherwise, no one has the authority to intimidate, harass, discriminate or treat them in violation of human rights and gender equality development. All of these factors are interpreted and managed by our organizational policies and guidelines. In recognition of this, our organization will continue to promote the value offered by all volunteers in accordance with the agreement reached between the all parties, his ability and skills for the benefit of the organization and its beneficiaries as well as himself/herself.

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