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Hi! We are an not for profit English immersion organisation based in Poznan, Poland. Our target is to raise the level of spoken English throughout the country by way of conversational English programs. Unfortunately, here in Poland the English education system is lacking in terms of teaching practical communicative skills and focuses more on theory. Our idea is to bring participants from countries where English is an official language together with Polish individuals of all ages in a fun, relaxed learning environment. We want to stimulate conversation in a natural fashion on topics that are interesting for each individual with personalized conversation materials. We strive to make learning enjoyable and highlight the fact that learning to converse in English will open the door for many opportunities in future employment and also in recreation. This is an invaluable cultural exchange where every individual will gain new knowledge and make international friends. We offer you: -On Adult Programs a single hotel room in a nice hotel outside Poznań. Twin hotel rooms for Adult/Youth and Youth/Junior Programs (you will share a room with a native speaker of the same gender and similar age) -Only a tourist visa is required but we do not assist with the process of attaining it. -An afternoon meet up with free lunch and drinks in Poznań the day before the program starts. -Free transportation from Poznań to and from the venue. -A reference letter for future employers. And hopefully an excellent experience meeting people from Poland and all over the world! What we ask of you: You simply have to speak English on certain topics with our Polish guests. There will be several different activities every day; these change every hour to keep things fresh. The key thing that we need from you is to stay in "active conversation" mode for most of the day. We hope to hear from you soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not charge Volunteers any fee for registration and participation. Program dates are as follows : January 15-20 (Poznan) - Youth&Adult Group January 29-February 03 (Poznan) - Youth&Adult Group February 19-24 (Poznan) - Youth&Adult Group March 27-31 (Poznan) - Adult Group April 01-02 (Poznan) - Weekend Program April 29 - May 03 (Poznan) - Adult Group June 05-09 (Poznan) - Adult Group July 09-14 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Group July 16-21 (Poznan) - Adult Group August 07-11 (Poznan) - Adult Group August 13-18 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Group September 24-29 (Poznan) - Adult Group October 22-27 (Poznan) - Adult Group November 26 - December 01 (Poznan) - Adult Group December 02-03 (Poznan) - Weekend Program

Malgosia and I are two open minded people full of energy. We enjoy socializing, learning new things, meeting new people and improving the English speaking level here in Poland.


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I am honoured to be a part of this amazing "Just Speak" program. The organisers were really supportive and cooperative as well the other members (other travelers and learners ) Overall environment was really nice, friendly and flexible. I made many friends their from the different parts of the world who were actually really amazing and I am already missing them a lot 😄
I wish to be a part of this program again in the coming time😊 and I wish all the future volunteers "all the very best , you all will be having a great unforgettable experience with Just Speak✌️🤝

4 months ago



I was part of Just speak for a week, and it was a very interesting experience. It is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, as well as locals. The organizer and the volunteering team were all very kind and respeftul. The schedule and the day-to day programs made sure that us, as volunteers had enough time to rest. The conversastion sessions with the youth group enable me to get to know more about Polish culture, and Poland overall. I really enjoyed my time there and I am very grateful for this opportunity!

6 months ago



I stayed for a week with Just Speak and it was a really good experience. The organizers were very friendly and respectful, they always made sure that we were alright and did everything they could to attend to our needs. I had the chance to not only get to know a little bit more about Poland and Polish, but also to interact with volunteers from around the world. The kids were also incredible nice and polite, it was easy to talk and get along with them.

6 months ago

United Kingdom


Thank you to everyone I met at the ‘Just Speak’ English language immersion camp. An incredible week of fun adventures in the forest. New friendships were made and there were many, many hilarious moments that made our stomachs hurt and reduced us to tears 😂 This is an excellent way to learn English for non native English speakers. I can’t wait to return to teach at the week long camp later this month 😁 x

This experience was incredible, thank you!

about 3 years ago



The best there is!As a first timer,I must adimt that I really loved the experience.Will certainly be a regular participant henceforth.It was such a great opportunity to meet great people and interact with.The flexibility with which the day-to-day programmes and activities were run, the comfy of the accommodation,the natural surroundings and the free times given us,impressed me a lot.Kind consideration was given to my individual needs.My greatest moments were those during conversation sessions.I enjoyed them to the max.Highly recommended.

over 3 years ago

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