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Hakone is one of the most famous onsen town in Japan, and only 90 minutes by train from Tokyo city center. Relaxing onsen, a lot of nature and great scenery are the main attractions that lead many people to come. We give you free accommodation and daily onsen bathing in exchange for the work.

We are very friendly and we believe our hostel is our home. Therefore, it is YOUR home, as well. We treat you as a friend or a member of family as well as a co-worker. If you are eager to learn Japanese, we can teach you through work and out of work,too.


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I stayed for one month in feb. and I had the best time in my life. I found a family in these people. From the beginning I felt like part of the family and everybody was nice and supporting. I worked as a cleaning helper for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I learned a lot and found people I carry in my heart now. I can only recommend this warm and heartly place. It is a wonderful place to calm down, still it has a lot historical places you can find out about, the hostel is super clean, super cozy and has a nice Kotatsu in a very beautiful living room, where you can meet people. 本当にありがとう。みんな大好きだよ!




I had an amazing time in k's house Hakone. The staff there is very friendly and make you feel confortable. The work is not hard and only take 4h per day. The guesthouse is super confortable, the onsen is awsome, and it's a great place to meet a lot on people from every countries.
The village is very quiet, no night life really, but if you wanna enjoy the mountain, and hiking around, this place is for you!


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Hakone is a quiet town. There is virtually no nightlife, and what services do exist there are set up to help tourists and largely no one else.

That being said, K's house is an amazing hostel. It's big, clean, pleasantly furnished, and the permanent employees make for excellent friends. If you're keen on staying somewhere quiet (keeping in mind that the hostel itself often serves as an interesting night-life spot to meet backpackers,) then I'd recommend this one. Thank you for having me!


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K's house in Hakone is awesome. The place is very clean, as is all of Japan is really. The people there are amazing and the location is great. Asa is amazing, he's the kind of guy that makes sure you're enjoying your time in Hakone (after work of course). Super helpful with planning, as are the other members at the house. The onsen is super cozy and the accomadation is pretty much your own little bed with curtains, very cozy. Honestly the work isn't even bad either. Overall this was an amazing experience and it was amazing to be able to stay here for the month of July.




K's House Hakone is a very relaxing place to live, and you can also have fun with the wonderful people you'd meet. Great Hostel, lovely experience, miss everybody!


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