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Hakone is one of the most famous onsen villages in Japan and located 90 minutes away by train from Central Tokyo. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, and many tourists from abroad come and stay with us to enjoy our relaxing inside/outside onsen. We give you free accommodation and daily onsen bathing in exchange for the work.

We are a great team of approximately 7 staff with diffrent backgrounds and good hearts who would love to help guests from all over the world. K's House is everyone's "Home away from home," so we all look forward to welcoming you as a member of K's House family :)

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K's house Hakone is my first experience with Worldpackers and I couldn't have wished for a better first experience. The place is sublime, soothing and calm, I've met so many wonderful people and the staff are so friendly and nice. I'll never forget the time I spent here and I'll leave Hakone with lots of good memories. I really recommend this place ! Thank you to the team for your kindness and warm welcome :)

12 days ago



Working in a k’s house is always a pleasure! The team was really nice and the place is amazing. I had a great time staying at k’s house Hakone :)

5 months ago

Korea, South


I miss my life in K's house Hakone!

About work : working system were very organized so can learn easliy and they always gave me the right level of work.

About staff : They are friendly and always try to accommodate me.

About hotel : I liked the onsen. And it was convenient to able to use the storage space for the staff. There is a vegetable store nearby and beautiful mountain too.

7 months ago



Some say experiences are never as good as you imagine, however K’s house Hakone is an exception to this rule. Located in postcard Japan, staying in Hakone was like living in one of my childhood fantasies. The hours and tasks were certainly fair. The staff were all warm and friendly, I was never afraid to ask a question no matter how silly I thought it was. With so many activities in the region I never found myself with nothing to do on my days off. Overall I would certainly recommend this experience, especially for those looking to experience the quainter, quieter side of Japan.

8 months ago



My experience at K's house was really good. The whole team was really nice to me and patient in explaining things to me (my English is really basic). The work environment is welcoming and makes you want to stay here for a long time. That the hostel is in a more natural place is nice, it gives a lot of tranquility and allows you to get away from the bustling cities. From my experience I fully recommend it.

9 months ago

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