K's House Ito Onsen

*** important notice *** Since October 2016, all volunteer applicants are required to obtain WORK PERMIT for Japan. Some of hostel volunteers were arrested by the police due to illegal activities. We were embarrassed at this issue but have to follow the police order ......... ************************* Hi everyone! Our volunteers would experience authentic Japanese architecture, registered as the cultural property of Japan. 100% pure natural Onsen (natural hot spring bath) is available 24/7. If you are seeking real Japanese traditional way of life, our house can be one of the top alternatives.

You are going to join our team, as a member of our family. You may have a chance to take free Japanese lessons every week if you're interested in learning Japanese conversation.


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United States


Staying at the K's House was one of my favorites experiences since I've been in Japan, the place is really well maintain even though it has 100 years, the staff are really friendly and nice, the manager took me on a trip and two other employees around Izu peninsula. Also I could use the onsen anytime. Ito city is a small, mellow, nice place, Ito people are really nice with foreigners.
Highly recommend this place I didn't regret any day staying in here.

about 1 month ago



Thank you for letting me and Selina stay with you! My time at K‘s House Ito Onsen was amazing! If you want to experience Japanese traditions and also work here as a helper, then this is the perfect place. At Kˋs House you always feel at home, since it’s a very cozy hostel. Work wasn’t that hard and the other staff members were very nice and helpful. Only on hot days work can be a bit exhausting but you get used to it. If you’re lucky you can also join workshops like Japanese dancing classes or a tea ceremony to learn more about the Japanese culture. Thank you for this beautiful time!

about 3 years ago

United Kingdom


Myself and my partner really enjoyed our time here. Wish we stayed longer! The hostel is like a home and the staff are lovely!

almost 5 years ago



Working and living at K's House Ito was just awesome. The hostel is beautiful! The place has a traditional japanese culture vibe, but at the same time is super laid back and cool. The staff team is the best, they're very welcoming and make you feel at home. The work is easy, but requires dedication - if you are willing to, you can learn a lot about japanese work ethics and culture along the way. I stayed at K's House Ito for one month and was heartbroken when I left, wishing I could stay longer. Definetly the best hostel I've ever been to and a place I hope to be back to soon! Lots of love ❤️

almost 6 years ago



It's an amazing place, the staff makes you feel very welcome every day all-day long, tasks are not hard to do (but i'llnever reach the high japanese standards!), food is yummi! and boss sometimes cooks for the staff (delicius). Onsen everyday :D
buuut (everything has a but) it's not allowed to hear music while working, and the place get's really hot during summer! the city is quite small, so after a week everything goes to caching pokemon.

almost 6 years ago

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