KaBa Hostel

We are a small, cosy, friendly hostel with a warm, authentic atmosphere, run by it's two owners (and their two little girls ;-)). We like to distinguish ourselves from the big party hostels through these caracteristics. The artwork from local artists, on the walls all over the hostel, make our place unique and colourfull.

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This was my first experience in Worldpackers and it was the best! Katrijn and Bart are the best at running the hostel and teach you how to do the tasks and activities you have to perform. The hostel is super clean and very good located. I also made good friends there :)

3 months ago


I had the best first experience here! In just a month i got the opportunity to be part of a nice volunteering family. B and k are amazing owners, they always ask for things in a kind way and they teach you how to do it, there is a lot of organization which makes it easier to learn. If you come here there’s no way you will ever regret it! :)

3 months ago


\nThe kindness of Katrijn and Bart made everything easier, \nThe hostel is quiet ,well located ,chill and hosts backpackers , so as a cultural and learning experience was top! Don’t come over if you are willing to Party, Gent is not the place do if you want to learn about the flemish culture.This was my first experience and from now and on my expectations are way too high!\nI’d recommend it if you how working with hospitality its like , and also carry with some responsabilities on your own.\nThanks for making my first travel the best experience i’ve ever had!\nLove ! \n\n

4 months ago


Wauw. KaBa Hostel is great as a traveler, even better as a Worldpacker. The location, the hostel (clean, artistic, great garden, good kitchen; it just feels like home), an amazing co-Worldpacker, the hours and the tasks (be ready for a sweating workout if you're there in summer ;) and of course the hosts! Bart and Katrijn are easy-going, talkative, relaxed and you are free to ask anything. From the first day, when everything is explained to you, you get the responsibility to do it yourself. The best way to learn is, is to do it! First Worldpackersexperience? Amazing, I would love to go back!

4 months ago


The hostel is beautiful, and Katrijn & Bart extremely kind and friendly.
I totally recommend this experience!

6 months ago

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