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This is the most southern of Turkey, 90km from Antalya City, there is no traffic in this area, no building or structure ... only tree there any concrete houses and bungalows.

Olympus has a very ancient mythological story, Zeus, Chimera is where an ancient mythological god Poseidon and live.

Locals living in the area are very good, helpful and approachable. Olympus is the haunt of many intellectual people who love the simple life style preferred by the people,

In the past this place was packed but it was modernized in hippie hippie, hippies come again, but do not recognize them by looking at the appearance.

We operate a tree house hotel in the area. Our hotel has 130 rooms. There are also camping in our area. We have very different departments. This ad is for the reception. Would you like to help us by working in reception? Do you want to make friends from hundreds of countries around the world? The idea of ​​having a real tree house just a 5-hour working day, how do you think? Show room for arriving guests at the reception, here are your main task is to tell them.

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I had a really good time at Kadirs overall! the work was pretty easy and the hostels location is amazing, and there were always other volunteers to hang out with and things to do. My only real complaint is that the management of the restaurant team changed towards the end of my stay to someone who I could only really describe as a control freak who took a personal dislike to some of the volunteers, but that being said I overall had a positive experience.
I'd definitely say that a couple of weeks is a good amount of time to stay since olympos is a pretty small town.

7 months ago



Mr. Kadir, Mrs. Cholpan and the Kadir's Tree Houses team is awesome. They are very friendly and helpful. Thanks for everything! Highly reccomended!

7 months ago



Mi experiencia en Kadirs tree houses fue enriquecedora. La ubicación es un lugar rodeado de naturaleza, con mucha identidad local y diversas actividades (buceo, escalada, senderismo...). El trabajo es sencillo y en un ambiente laboral agradable, con buenos jefes (especial mención al manager Carlos, un jefazo) y compañeros, demás trabajadores y voluntarios.
Lo recomiendo, a mi me gustaría volver en un futuro.

7 months ago



I had an amazing time volunteering at Kadeers tree house! Olympos is a beautiful place with lots of hidden gems to explore.
I volunteered with an amazing group of people so that really added to the experience. The work was very fair and just included clearing dishes at the breakfast and dinner service. Would definitely recommend if you love to immerse yourself in nature and make some cool new connections :)

7 months ago

United Kingdom


I had an amazing time here, I wish I could’ve stayed at least a week longer. There are so many cool activities to do and it was so nice to be surrounded by so many cute animals and beautiful nature. I’d recommend this to everyone, especially if you are coming in the high season when the weather is sunny every day. Every staff member is friendly and welcoming and there was a nice team of volunteers whilst I was here. Thank you! :)

8 months ago

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