Kampaoh is just a place where we try to make everyone feel confortable and exciting to get to discover the nature, the ocean, the sea, the african continent... In Tarifa you can try so many different activities: kitesurf, surf, windsurf, paddle surf, kayaka, diving, horse riding on the beach...

Well, let me tell you that all e care about in our crew is the people. Weather it's a client, a friend, an employee or anyone, that's our priority, to make evryone feel like they belong here, even if they stay only 2 days. We are 5 young friends that just want to have fun and dream big with our new project and make sure we make everyone fall in love with kampaoh ;-)


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Amazing experience, awesome people and a very special city!!!

over 1 year ago

United States

They canceled on me... now this page doesn't let me do anything without a review so I there you have it

over 1 year ago


Kampaoh fué una experiencia única y maravillosa, relajada, segura y descomplicada. Los Hosts son personas cuyo espíritu es contagioso y admirable, además de amistosos y rebosantes de personalidad. El trabajo en sí hace que unirse y colaborar con los demás voluntarios sea algo natural. La diversión sobraba y el buen humor es algo que era palpable. No tengo más que palabras de gratitud por todo lo que me ayudaron a vivir a mí y a mi hermana.

over 1 year ago


To have the opportunity to volunteer on Kampaoh was a life-changing experience! To see the dream of these friends becoming true inspired me to see the potential of hard work and true friendship. I can say that Tarifa treated me as one of their own, a place that really felt like home, the hosts do everything in their power and even more to make sure everyone is having a great time and are eating right. Thanks Salva, Manu and Sophie for all of the amazing food, everything that I've learned and the great times!

over 1 year ago


Kampaoh es lo mejor que puede pasarle a un viajero, amigos , lugares maravillosos y sobre todo la atención de los anfitriones quien hoy son para mí mis amigos, la mejor experiencia de mi vida, gracias por tanto amigos de Kampaoh!!!!

over 1 year ago

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