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We take recycling seriously and encourage our guests and volunteers to do the same. we also try to be as environmentally friendly as possible both in terms of how we run our campsite and our everyday lives

We are laid back and casual, as well as interacting with guests and always trying to ensure they have a good stay. We would hope you do the same

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I loved the place, I had the opportunity to spend my nights in a caravan for the first time in my life. Sara and Jhon are very kind and friendly so I always feel comfortable around them. You can visit very beautiful places with the bikes that they have and get immerse in all the nature around.

26 days ago



Even though my time here was short I still enjoyed every minute of my volunteering experience. An extremely peaceful, beautiful location. Work was never too hard and there was never too much of it. John and Sara are really welcoming hosts. The food was great, especially the homemade wine that they so generously shared. Definitely a place worth visiting again.

about 1 month ago



I stayed at the camping for 2 weeks. The tasks were not that hard. It was nice to have a variety in tasks. Walking the dogs was part of a daily routine. It was a nice way to start the day. Lunch and dinner were taken care of and the meals were really tasty.
I spend most of my days with John and he is a very kind and funny host. Sara is friendly as well.
The camping is located quite remotely, but there's enough to do in the surroundings.
I would recommend this place.

2 months ago

United Kingdom


Sara and John are interesting, generous people who have created a lovely campsite in the countryside. It was the end of the season when I arrived so there wasn’t much work to do on the campsite, so it was very relaxed. Sometimes this meant the energy was a bit low as everyone was quite tired from the summer business and heat. I was introduced to their friends from home and in the village, who were absolutely lovely people and we had a good laugh together.

2 months ago



I had a lovely time at Camping Kromidovo, many thanks to Sara & John: I highly appreciate how you welcomed me in your home! The week that I spent there was very relaxing since it was not the high season anymore, so sometimes I would have liked to work a little more but there was simply not a lot to do. I would definitely do this again, it’s truly a magical place. :)

2 months ago

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