Kashtin's Misadventures: Mermaids and Sasquatch

I am different than other hosts as I offer Northern life activities, adventures and some local trips for a little shared help with day to day chores. Since “Life truly begins outside your comfort zone”, I offer Northern challenges too!

You can spend your time reading a book in front of the cozy woodstove in Winter or on a sunny hidden beach in Summer. Swim in the lake or have a campfire. Search for an awesome photograph of sunrise, wildlife or mountains, we have lots of awesome scenery! Try baking bread in the oven and cooking delicious meals. Hike up a mountain. Discover secret hot springs and World's smallest desert.

Have you ever tried snowshoeing? Tenting in the snow? Swimming in a lake at night? Taken a Dip in a natural wilderness hot spring?

Hunt for a Sasquatch or wear a mermaid tail in the lake.

You do have three days a week off to do your own thing. Explore Whitehorse, hike the local area and do programs at the Canada Games Center, or stay at home and enjoy the wilderness.

I treat my guests as friends and as my family, never as workers or employees. There are no work commitments, therefore no Work Visa is required. We share this Northern lifestyle. We share a home, we share meals and we share adventures and roadtrips. You have lots of control over deciding the meals, activities and trip destinations. I have hosted for over 13 years, so I am a knowledgeable local who has taken my past guests all over Yukon, Northern BC and Alaska. I look for enthusiastic and adventurous guests who can make their stay an adventure for them and for me.


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I spent a month and a half in Yukon, and it was the most amazing travel experience of my life! Stephen is an extraordinary host, extremely kind and patient. I met equally incredible travelers, and together we shared truly unforgettable moments.
The breathtaking landscapes, road trips, fun and challenging moments, and memorable trails were all part of this incredible experience. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. If you're looking to explore a wonderful place in the heart of the wilderness, this trip is a must. Thank you again, Stephen, for hosting me so well.

about 1 month ago



Kasthin's misadventures is a unique experience that Will be with you forever. Stephen is an incredible person with lots of knowlege about the area and its history.
You will explore the place with the best guide ever, spot any kind of wildlife and learn a lot about the Life in Yukon now and in the past.
Even the longest stay will seem shorter. I hope I can come back some day.

2 months ago



This is a nice place to get in touch with nature and learn about the history of the golden rush and the Alaska Hw; Stephen is a really good person, and he is always thinking about the way of making his guests happy and to feel comfortable. If you are looking for a wild adventure in the beautiful Yukon, this is it!! I am very grateful with Stephen because he show me around Yukon and I will never forget this experience 🙏❤️

9 months ago



Thank you for the experience, I am very grateful for your help and having known your culture, it was very fun to meet you and meet the girls

10 months ago



Stephen is a good host, likes to chat, watch movies, use the hot tub and is a practitioner and encourager of skinny dipping. The work mainly involves cooking, washing dishes, taking care of Juneau (the smartest dog in the world), chop wood and prepare for road trips. Sometimes the experience was a challenge for me because of the house cleaning and some unwanted animals, but that didn't stop me from enjoying and appreciating a simpler life connected with nature, visit astonishing places and improve my English. Thank you Stephen for having me in your home and sharing your knowledge with me!

about 1 year ago

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