Katosi Inter Community Development Alliance Kida

We are a community based organization established in 2012 to respond to the vast social problems of the most under-resourced and remote areas of Uganda.

Our activities aspire to creating sustainable change in communities through building sustainable infrastructures which are then maintainable by the community members.

our aim is to create "a sustainable world with equal opportunities and resources for all mankind". And in order to achieve this, we collaborate with community members and local authorities to gather valid solutions to the common social problems and we come out with the best priorities.

our major programs works under;
(1) offering educational support to the orphans and vulnerable children by providing scholastic , finding and placing them into low-tuition schools. we also regularly visit these children and inspire them, guide and engage them in exercising their abilities.

(2), Fostering community development by mentoring and empowering families, youths and women groups in development through training and workshops, creation of village savings and loan associations (VISLA), working on general community needs such as construction of community and school water sources, environmental friendly cooking stoves as well as promoting health and wellness through awareness and campaigns on family planning, domestic violence and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

(3), vocational and life skills training for youths, thereby creating job opportunities and fighting poverty among the youths.

(4), Promotion of human and environment rights through sensitization.

Since 2012, we have been hosting volunteers, meaning we have the best experience working with the internationals and from that year we have never got anything like our volunteers loosing property and we give security our volunteers.

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