Keppler Farm

Our farm is set on 23ha in the Czech Highlands with fields, orchards, forest and streams. The area is enjoyed by those who like hiking and being in nature.

We share in the household chores together such as cooking and cleaning, for those that are less able to cook we ask for more help on the clean up after. Those that have a sense of responsibility and self motivation may enjoy the farm more as we do not wish to micro manage tasks. We have a two week minimum stay because it takes a few days to learn about the farm and caring for the animals.


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Huck and Klara were really nice and showed me everything I needed or should do. The work was hard sometimes, but still totally doable and I quite liked it. I learned a lot from them, not only working on a farm, but also a lot for life. Their cooking skills are incredibly good and there was one good dinner after another. Their dog Katy is so cute and adorable. It was quite cold there in January, but you can still make beautiful walks in the countryside nearby. Thank you for everything! Definitely recommendable.

8 months ago



My experience with Huck and Klara was nothing less than amazing.
They were really nice to me since my first day and made me feel like home during all my stay.
The job there is hard, but they know it and you can have some breaks during the day to eat and drink some coffee or tea.
Talking about eating, they let me open the fridge and prepare my own meal if I get hungry but one of then usually prepare something to everyone one each meal, and btw they are really good cooking.
The horses are lovely and friendly, if want to have contact with nature and animals I highly recommend this place 😁

9 months ago



This experience taught me so much about animal care and having responsibilities. Klara, Huck, and Tim took special care to teach me things when I asked (Making meals, training the horses etc.). I will say that this experience is not for everyone, the work is tiring and the hours are dispersed throughout the day so it can feel long. If you are not someone who loves horses and wants to learn about farm maintenance this might not be for you. I went on some wonderful rides with Nico and Sasha. Do know that in order to ride you need to have experience. I am very grateful for my time there.

10 months ago



El lugar es precioso y como respiro espiritual está genial. Pero estás apartado de la mano de dios. No pienses que vas a aprender de la cultura local, pues tardas una hora ida y otra vuelta (que no tienes porque hay que trabajar) caminando en llegar a un pueblo con shop. En cuanto al trabajo, yo creía que iba a estar cuidando caballos, pero sobre todo trabajas yendo al monte a mover troncos o aplanando la tierra de un futuro cesped. A los caballos no los ves mucho porque están en el monte pastando, y yo no tuve oportunidad ni de montarlos.

La familia majísima y con ingles perfecto <3

10 months ago



Good experience overall, working with the animals is great, the hours and the tasks were as described, the house is really nice and the surroundings are beautiful! Only thing i would suggest is being less controlling about the volunteer's food intake - situations like being called out for putting "a lot of milk" on my cereals at breakfast happened quite a lot and it made me feel quite self-conscious. Huck can be harsh but it's his personality, don't take it personally. Klara is great, always making sure you're comfortable and have everything you need :)
Will definately miss the horses a lot!

11 months ago

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