Keppler Farm

Our farm is set on 23ha in the Czech Highlands with fields, orchards, forest and streams. The area is enjoyed by those who like hiking and being in nature.

We share in the household chores together such as cooking and cleaning, for those that are less able to cook we ask for more help on the clean up after. Those that have a sense of responsibility and self motivation may enjoy the farm more as we do not wish to micro manage tasks.


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We really felt at home at the Keppler Farm!
Huck, Klara and Tim are great people, fun and welcoming! The work is hard but there are always moments to take it easy and enjoy the place! You will learn a lot working with the horses, and Huck is an excellent teacher, so enjoy the ride🐎🐎🐎

27 days ago



Me and my boyfriend stayed for 2 weeks at the farm. It was an amazing experience, where we could connect with nature and the daily life in the countryside. The work is hard but we had lots of moments were we could relax, such as when we made plum jam straight from the garden!
Huck, Klara and Tim are wonderful people and great guests, always making us feel welcome and looking after our needs. He made delicious barbecues where we could share laughs and talk about everything!
You’ll learn a lot, especially if you’ve never worked with horses before so strap your boots and get ready to ride!🤠🐴

29 days ago



I gained a lot from this experience, it was like a second home there🥰
Huck and Klara are fantastic, really kind and caring about their volunteers, I will really miss them a lot (and my darlings Katie, Nico, Sasha and Cookie as well)!❤
If you want to learn about training horses, you will be right with Huck.
The work there is physically hard, you have a great responsibility with the horses, if you want it (they don't expect more than you can handle, it's your own decision), but it's really satisfying!
I absolutely recommend a stay there😊

4 months ago



The work overall is a bit tired if you are not used to it, but with the days it gets easier, yet they would teach you the task and would be patient through your learning process, they would respect your work schedule, and further lend you time to rest you would learn a lot about horses and how is to live in the countryside. Klara and Huck are very respectful and warm people, as well as thoughtful and caring. They would do their best to make you feel welcome and comfortable in the house, and as far as you follow the house rules (which are very reasonable) everything would be good.

5 months ago

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