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We offer a variety of opportunities for you: From gardening and harvesting to help us becoming more visible in the world, like writing to magazines, making videos, helping us with our website... But also some manual-work like carpentry, or building a sustainable garden-house during summer. It won`t become boring. Our farmhouse from 1840 is a very luxurious place but still very rural. You will have a great place to sleep.
We are close to Munich (40 min.), to Augsburg (35 min.), to a beautiful, huge lake (15 min). There`s a lot to discover in the surroundings for you in your free time.

We also want to create some great get-together-happenings where people and also volunteers make little introductions or workshops where they perform or teach their special talents. We want to bring the village together. What is your special talent? It can be all from hulahoop-performance, singing, wood-carving, doing macramee or weaving, doing fireshows, best vegan-baking, belly-dance...

Unfortunately only people can be invited who did NOT get a covid-vaccination.
Feel free to ask us any questions. We are happy to hear from you.

Its very familiar. You can choose what your abilities and interests are, it has to be fun for all of us. I dont mind if you sleep super long or get up super early. We can arrange everything so that it fits best for all of us.


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My initial goal was to practice English, but I gained so much more. Kesari's kindness and dedication created a welcoming environment that enhanced every aspect of our stay — from her insightful guidance to the delicious vegan and organic meals she prepared. Her positivity and warmth not only made me feel at home but also sparked special connections and moments. From insightful conversations to the joy she brought to our daily activities, Kesari undeniably added positivity and goodness to my life. A heartfelt thank you to Kesari for making this experience unforgettable.

3 months ago

Kesari replied

Dear Alberto, thank you so much for your touching, lovely words you are such a kind soul! It was great having you here. Thank you very much.



The house is beautiful and there are a lot of fields around that are great for long walks.

There were issues with communication between Kesari & me. I was there to work on social media and in our video call prior, we had agreed on the tasks. However, when I was there, she wanted me to do other gardening & cleaning tasks. When I cleaned up after myself & it wasn't done in front of her, she doesn't believe that it's done which was challenging. Her massive fear of radiation was also challenging as she went into our things and room to scan for radiation which felt like an invasion of privacy.

4 months ago

Kesari replied

Nadia, after you have left I was left speechless for a day. Honesty is a quality thats very important to me. We seem to be different here.

Before you came, we had a video-call. My intention was to clearify the settings with you. As I planned to have a „creative girl`s-table“ that work together in a team, I decided not to take an other volunteer for other tasks, because this volunteer would feel a bit alone when not integrated in our team. So I wanted to make sure that its okay for you also to help a little bit with other tasks, like cleaning or cooking or some gardenwork. You agreed and said that you only don’t like garden work. I didn’t know that when I ask you to please pick 2 hands full of raspberries for lunch, that this is garden work for you already.

I also told you in our prior video-call that during your stay I will close the Airbnb so we can work very creatively without any guests here. But this would mean that we have to clean our own things because no one else will do it for us. You agreed on this. And it was a big investment for me as I gave you my nicest apartment which I usually rent for 180.- €/night. When the day came where I asked you to please help for one hour (!) during your whole stay with cleaning you refused and told me „Thats not what I came here for.“ At this day I should have drawn the consequences. But I didnt, and that was a mistake I made. Especially when the other volunteer had to clean your room and your dishes what I unfortunately realized too late. Thats not my understanding of teamwork and I am also responsible that other volunteers feel good here also and have a great time.



Kesari is a nice person, very committed to her work and to her home. She was very patient as my English is not the best; although workwise it didn't flow as I expected, the coexistence was good and the food is delicious, it was a good experience.

5 months ago



I've had a wonderful time at Kesari Meditation Center
There was a long time, that gave me the opportunity to experience several things and meet many people, like other volunteers and Kesari's friends.
I've learned a lot of permaculture and gardening, and some deliciuos vegan recepies also.
The area is very beautiful and calm, and the people ist very friendly even with who doesn't speak German.
Kesari become a friend, and I plan to come back to pay a visit!

5 months ago

Kesari replied

Dear Ane, it was so nice having you here for such a long time, you became like a family-member. Thank you :)



Kesari is very welcoming and kind. Her house is gorgeous but there are a lot of things that you will need to be mindful of as a guest. When volunteering with her, you will most likely be assisting with what she needs help with (cooking, cleaning etc) on top of what you have agreed on.

7 months ago

Kesari replied

Thanks for your feedback Katriona, happy you pointed this out. It`s indeed that I expect my volunteers to clean their personal space themselves and should the need arise give a hand for cooking or other tasks at times. I believe during your three weeks stay this happened once for preparing the guestrooms and once or twice for cooking.

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