It 's an hour away from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in the heart of "Bitronot Ruhama" Nature Reserves.‬ We have a retreat center that has been used by groups to celebrate holidays or events, have yoga or dance classes, for field trips and learning about gardening - the imagination is the limit. We have a hydroponic garden, an outdoor garden, a grey water system, a mudhouse, two pools, and we are continuing to develop new things. We enjoy our peaceful life out here and take daily walks around the area to enjoy the wildflowers and the sunset. There are two dogs and two cats who live here, so you must like animals!

The volunteers have a room of their own in the house. There is wifi and any kind of anything else you may need, including hammocks to lounge in and papayas and passionfruit freshly picked from the garden. We would like to have volunteers who can help out with the room maintenance, laundry, general house work, and gardening. We would love to have volunteers develop some projects of their own as well. We are looking to get some yoga started in the retreat center and we would like to have artists who paint, sculpt, etc.

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NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE! It was the best experience so far. Ram is an angel and his place surrounded by nature is very peaceful! We applied to stay 1 month, but we stayed 2 and we did not stay more only because our visa, otherwise we probably would be there now hahaha. We will remember this experience for the rest of our lives as well as Ram (Pica, Toto and Gingi - the lovely animals) as a very good friends! Thanks again Ram for everything! Miss all of you!

6 months ago

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