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I believe that the best way to actually understand the culture of a certain country or city is spending some time blending in with the locals and having real conversations. Our place is the perfect option for that since we have a lot of Korean locals visiting to practice English and hang out with foreign travelers to exchange language and experiences. Also our staffs are ready to support all the volunteers and help you to have the best time you can in Korea!

We have a very mixed cummunity, composed by foreigns from all around the world and koreans who lived overseas for a while, so we are not just only familiar with English and even other languagues, but also with respecting and exchanging cultures throughout your stay! Our place and staffs are very laid back and welcome to have a good relationship with people, we all wish that our volunteers have wonderful memories during their stay in Korea and we enjoy to hang out together, sometimes hosting a party in order to get along with the local Koreans and get to know each other a bit more.


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It was amazing! I’m so glad this was my first experience in world packers and Korea, because everyone was so kind to me, I got lost on my first day and they went to find me, thanks a lot. The volunteer was super nice and I enjoyed a lot talking with the Korean people, knowing more about them and the country. In the dorm we have the rules clear so we were having a very good environment. In fact, we were enjoying a lot, we go out together and discovered different parts of Seoul. This experience encouraged me to keep on using world packers
Totally recommend

18 days ago



I had a wonderful time here! I’ve met so many amazing people and became close friends with the other volunteers and with some students at the academy as well. I loved talking to people and sharing our life experiences and cultures. The dorm is big and comfy and Bundang is a really cool place to hang out and have fun! Can’t wait to meet you all again!

about 2 months ago



I had a great time during my stay at the Academy. I got introduced to everything really well. The dynamic of the Group was great and everyone always helped eachother out. The Academy is a great way to meet Local people and learn more about the culture. You will also have enough Time during your Stay to go out during the day or even at night, depending on your Shift. Overall it was a great experience and i met so many lovely people.

about 2 months ago



I had the best time at the language studio : the job is easy (a maximum of 4 hours of conversation in English, topic sheets are provided to get the conversation going) and the students are adorable, living with the other volunteers is an amazing human experience and you can easily access Seoul with public transport. Thank you so much to everyone who made my stay so memorable, and a special thanks to Cassia for all her work with the volunteers :)

2 months ago



I loved everything about this experience! The dorm is really nice and tidy and after my 5 weeks it already felt like a home. The language school is just a 10 minutes walk away from the dorm and the work there was great, I really enjoyed talking to the students and learning about their life and culture. Cassia the manager is lovely and helps you out whenever you need it :) Overall I can really recommend this experience to everyone who wants to learn about Korea and stay close to Seoul! :)

3 months ago

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