Kodkod Lugar de Encuentros

Our community has been created to facilitate our positive connections with the environment. We believe that it is important to live not only prioritizing economic aspects in life, but looking for the ecological limits of them. Saving the planet is something that begins with the way each of us organizes our own way of life: our jobs, what we eat, or what we value.

We have chosen the cat Wink or Kodkod as our inspiration and as the symbol of our personal quest to live closer to nature. Our community is the smallest wild cat on the planet and is part of the forests of southern Chile since always. It is a predator whose existence depends on the choices we make in our lives and in society. Positive connections are those moments of clarity when we see the surrounding world in balance: when children are really happy and not only "entertained"; When what we eat nourishes our souls and not only satisfies the palate; When our environment and our being are full of life and not simply superfluous attractions; When the laughter is born from the depths of the heart. Here , we want to create a space where you can find your essence, where you meet friends, find healthy and conscious food, where you find a space of tranquility and connection with nature. We want to create a space where you can feel part of all these meetings, where you find warmth, love and together learn to live in a more sustainable way, using local foods, saving energy, recycling and returning to earth the nutrients she so kindly gives us day a day. We invite you to be part of creating this healthier way of living, share a meal together, listen to music, go for a walk in the woods or simply enjoy in peace in this beautiful place. Feel welcome and life not find you distracted, meet you with her. "


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Kodkod é um lugar lindo no meio da floresta em pucon! minha experiência foi um pouco comprometida por que fiquei muito doente e tive que ir embora mais cedo da minha estadia. Penso que teria aproveita mais meu tempo la se ficasse mais! Unico problema foi que me inscrevi para trabalhar com os cavalos e não cheguei a trabalhar com eles nenhum dia, nisso fiquei um pouco decepcionada… talvez se tivesse ficado um pouco mais teria trabalhado com eles

17 days ago



Very beautiful place, but not much exchange with the hosts..

21 days ago



The experience was great. All guys are very lovely and help me to feeling in home.
Thanks All.

23 days ago



my experience at kodkod was fantastic. I spent a week, but I could have stayed for much longer. the tasks are good, flexible and the staff is very friendly. I connected with people from all over the world and had an incredible time! Thank you for everything, Camilo

about 1 month ago



La experiencia fue muy buena. Es un lugar muy hermoso, rodeado de naturaleza, se respetan las 5 horas de trabajo lo que te permitirá conocer los lugares, es flexible, los trabajadores y Jerry son personas muy agradables. Gracias por todo ☺️

about 2 months ago

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