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I have a unique container share house with 9 private rooms, 3 shared bath/toilet rooms and one shared kitchen where our voluntary helpers and some foreign tenants live. I am looking for some helpers to maintain, cleaning the shared bath/toilets, kitchen and corridor and outside trash area, for this share house. Each one can work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. a room shared with 2 to 4 helpers with same gender so I need to know your gender. I supply rice and pasta. It may be helpful if a helper can stay here 2 to 3 months.

I must have an email confirmation to [email protected] since some people have never showed up and Facebook Messenger account which we use this for our daily communication.

My name is Kazumi Ogawa, 70 years old male, lived and worked in Los Angeles for 35 years, came back to Tokyo 8 years ago, taking care of my elderly mother and father`s business. I am a member of the intercultural committee in the city of Komae, Tokyo, letting many young foreigners to live like ordinary Japanese. The city of Komae is a quiet suburb of big Tokyo metropolitan, 30 min. from Shinjuku, Shibuya and 40 min. from the Tokyo JR Station.

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This experience was great, few hours of work, easy tasks and plenty of time to know Tokio. Thank you Kaz for the good times, hope to come back soon. Arigatoooo

8 days ago



I had a great time at Komae ! Kaz is a wonderful host, caring and flexible.

14 days ago

United Kingdom


Absolutely amazing way to spend some time in Tokyo the work is very easy and very flexible so you have loads of free time even on working days to explore around. Work hours get respected and its possible to make arrangements with other volunteers to get 3 days off for a week if you want to go somewhere.

24 days ago



I had good experience staying in Komae. All was good except the place where I was staying. I didn’t expect 5 star hotel. But having cockroaches in the kitchen and toilet are not something I was expecting😞
Make sure you bring some spare clothes, as you will be cleaning a lot with the bleach- I’ve ruined some of my clothes because of it… other than that host is a nice guy. It’s close to the train station and convenience shops. Just because of the accommodation - I will give only a 3 stars.

about 2 months ago



It was my first worldpacker experience, everything went well, I would definitely do it again! Thanks Kaz and thanks Komae! :) またね!

2 months ago

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