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We are a part of the foodie and event scene, and sponser public radio and events for free or at our cost, we have chickens , grow passion fruit , papaya and cherries n spinach
Aloha from Hawaii it has come to our attention
That the site is listing breakfast , lunch, bikes , massages as included in the stay and this not the case . Breakfast and lunch, bikes, and massage are not included or provided as part of the stay . We do grow papaya , spinach , have some stables like oatmeal and rice, condiments , but these are offered as a courtesy and not included . We are sorry for any inconvenience .
Hence we only ask for 2-3 hours a day tent , 3-4 hours a day for dorm room

Respect , graditude is very important , appreciation, adventuring and exploring are themes , while , heavy partying , with loud behavior and heavy drinking , swearing or treating others badly is not where we are at here


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Horrific! John made no effort to aid my arrival and his poor communication meant I spent my first night in Hawaii on the streets. The place was a tip, he tried to have me sleep in a chicken coop shack with sheets covered in bed bug and blood stains. Ingredients we had were years out of date and John refused to replace them. Ended up leaving after 3 days and having the best time elsewhere. John will tell you that this is just Hawaii but it’s not. He didn’t join in with the work and the tasks were ridiculous. He is a stingy manipulative hoarder looking for cheap labour. Do not recommend.

about 1 year ago

John replied

The world is an adventure , we have checkin in the morning to honor the requests of other volunteers of no late arrivals and enfringement on other volunteer private time. It’s good to take others into account
Starting right is important
Staying out all night and sleeping on arrival did not set you up for success. . Volunteering appeared to be new to you. So being open to a new place and activity is important .
Volunteering is not for everyone. Washing out like you did, trespassing onto other’s property, not able to work with other volunteers, not able to stay with weeding, or other tasks , made it so you only completed 1.5 hours of volunteer time during the three days you stayed. I struggle with adhd myself , it’s best to get some help.
Food expectations
I am sorry we did not have right food match for you, we do not offer 3-5 meals a day and personal grocery requests. Best for a person to get what they know they like. Please let other know if you do not know how to prepare food, and you can not prepare food for yourself. Also food goes off in hawaii.
Stone soup was misunderstood so we will no longer offer food options for people on site as everyone has their own expectations about food choices. If food goes off we feed it to the chickens or compost it . We grow food onsite vegan choices were not an option for you.
Volunteer and expectations
I am sorry dude I have a lot of expereince working as a volunteer for events, good causes, and in safety teams /medical rescues.
It’s important to show up
It’s important to give a task a chance, try to support others
It’s important to volunteer for a cause you believe in
We help many local music, culture, environmental, and public radio causes in Kona .
We work with making housing , relationship with plants and community
We may not be a match for folks
under 25 that are not self guided or directed
Couch surfers
Or folks that don’t want to learn, explore, discover, or be a part of the future earth that’s unfolding

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John and Mike were very nice people. John needs help cleaning, his back prevents him from reaching a lot of spots. He is very environmentally conscious and recycles everything, including all the food scraps left from guests as chicken feed, left over beer + half eaten scraps all in a bucket you will be feeding to chickens. I left the night John gave me a pot of frozen chicken soup, "thawed it out and foot and hair rose to the top. The dorm is very unhealthy living quarters. lungs burn in the morning from dust, bed bug bites. other guest was fined $100 for bringing this to his attention.

about 1 year ago

John replied

You are missed , we recommended tenting it out side and you choose the an indoor room . Dust near the ocean and in the tropics can set allergies off. So if you have allergies best to go for a tent stay in the out doors.
Best to do your own food , as we shared with you before and when you arrived , we did have home cooked chicken , you should see the Chinese prep , good though.
hawaii is the tropics, there are mosquitoes, fleas , knots. Best to bring some bug spray or cream , we provide essential oils, alllspice that get rid of them too. You got to use the spray before you go outside or back into your room.
Best to ask for help if run into an issue
As the tropics are new to you.you never brought anything to our attention and never asked for help. How could we help you .
The wild peasant , turkey pigs and chickens can also attract and carry bugs outside.
We have never found any bed bugs in the volunteer room
We have all the powerful treatments if we find any , we look for and we do go after any we find .
guests and volunteers for bugs
Never done that , sounds like out of a comic
If you need a food plan go to a place that offers that , as volunteers and community has food they like and it may not be vegan, meaty, or a match for you .

United States


a big house overlooking the ocean that sees many visitors from different parts of the world.
duties include cooking and cleaning

over 1 year ago

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