Kyosei Training Centre

Cultural Exchange and Learning Opportunities We believe we can offer a life-changing experience to the volunteers and all travelers!! Not only because you will be able to help us in our great challenge of keeping it running but also because it will change how you see our community, our country, the whole Africa! You will be immersed on our daily lives, understand deeply our culture, our history, our language. We are sure you will learn swahili and massai words to bring with you! Besides, you will deeply understand Maasai culture, their traditions, their homes and villas, the real Maasai dreadlocks, the Maasai dancing, cooking, blood-drinking and market, etc. Furthermore, we can organize safari trips to Serengeti, Lake manyara, Tarangire National parks and Ngorongoro Crater (considered among the best for wildlife spotting) which are very close from our area. We can organize mainly camping or lodge safari trips from budget/camping options to hotels and lodges inside the parks at cheapest and transparent budget. Since we are so close, day trips are a possibility too! Safari activities include walking safaris, mountain trekking, game viewing, photographic excursions, etc. Please let us know if you also would be interested in having a certification of appreciation upon completion of your volunteer in the project, so we can apply arrange it for you.

Hi every Worldpacker around the Globe! My name is Steven,Tanzanian by citizen, Founder and Managing Director, an educated Tanzanian, had finished university and couldn't help but notice the state of nation with regard to education. Many of my friends and peers were lacking in education for various reasons. some couldn't pay school fees, some failed at some point in the system which makes it extremely difficult to catch up, and some just weren't taught the power of education, the power of bringing love and happiness to the poorest community case by case. In 2015, after must hard-work and effort, I decided to bring love and happiness to poorest community, so I established an educational centre and non profit organization with registration. no IAE|OS|0270 for adults, vulnerable children and disadvantaged kids. This free educational center and non profit organization has been rapidly growing in small time since it has been opened, with key success, bring love and happiness to the needful community. It provides quality education to locals, stimulate and create awareness for job opportunity of their better future. Our Volunteers, will be treated friendly like our fellow Tanzanians and keeping in mind that our trained staff have enough experience in the matter of handling our people items of security and personalities. Additionally, they will help to show volunteers with special dish, showing local hotels or restaurants, supermarkets for their special needs. Our staff are open minded, generous, honesty, trust able and best partners for you.

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