L.A.L practice English camp

you will feel as a local and taste so many kinds of things that local people do and make. like how to make and how to serve coffee. also traditional dance, watching and you can participate as well. hiking to the active volcano (we always check and recheck before hike and make sure that our hike will be safe and fun) try fresh tea from the tea plantation and feel the fresh air. and many more

I am a lifeguard for hiker and adventure tour. so I can take every volunteer to hike with me and make sure everything will be good. my crew: ●my hiking crew and mountain ranger ●driver/rider for taking the volunteer everywhere. ●tattoo maker, who made a tattoo but the design is from me. you will know more about us when you stay here


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This is a very unique and rewarding experience! Hardi was a great and interesting host that has lots of local knowledge. Sometimes there is a lot of waiting around as Indonesian custom is very laid back. The living conditions are very basic as you will be completely integrated into the community and local way of life. I was welcomed into Hardi's house and his wife and kids were so polite and friendly. You will be able to visit some incredible places that have not been affected by over-tourism, making for a real authentic and genuinely local experience. Keep an open mind and you'll have a great

about 2 months ago



Trata-se de um projeto ambicioso que pretende criar uma rede constante de voluntários ajudando as vilas da região a aprender inglês (desde crianças até comerciantes, com o intuito de fazer florescer o turismo na região). No momento, ainda não está estruturado o suficiente em termos de atividades diárias de ensino da língua, portanto espere bastante tempo inútil. Por outro lado, os anfitriões estão bem preparados e recebem os voluntários muito bem, o que deixa muito tempo para conhecer a cultura local.

about 4 years ago



The experience was amazing! If you're looking for a total immersion in the Indonesian culture, this is the place for you. Live like a local!
I loved that, I saw many interesting things, learned a lot, met amazing people...
Hardi and his wife were very nice, helpful and warming.
The only "negative" thing I could say is: don't expect for a super detailed programme. Things will just flow with the days. But this is not something bad if you know it.
Thanks for a great experience! :)

over 4 years ago

Hardi replied

thank you for the review

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