La Cabane Guesthouse

We may just be the homiest hostel you'll ever come across. As we have only a capacity for 8 guests, it is an intimate setting where you get to know people very quickly and share and connect with other travelers. We 've created a very positive, chill and friendly atmosphere and search for volunteers that fit right into this. As you'll be in constant contact with other travelers from around the world you can expect to have many interactions with different cultures and we encourage you to make the most of that! You will also get to learn what it takes to run a guesthouse/hostel while immersing yourself in all the different aspects of operations.

We ask for 25 hours of help but leave plenty of time for you to enjoy and get to know our pretty little city. The location is perfect for exploring as we are in the heart of the city, and in what we think is Winnipeg's BEST neighborhood, Saint-Boniface. We are also just walking distance to many of Winnipeg's favorite attractions, including the Forks National Historic Site, downtown, the Exchange District and many restaurants/cafes, and great walking trails. As well as breakfast and a bed we like to offer our volunteers tickets to many events going on, including concerts and hockey games :) We're certain it won't take long for you to feel at home here.


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Awesome experience!!! Dom is a very good person, always wanting to help and making us feel like home.
Easy tasks to do and that makes you have enough time to visit Winnipeg, talk with the guests and knowing their experiences, and meet the best of Canadians...
Great house, clean and also charming.
I would recommend everything i had there to everyone!

over 2 years ago

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