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La Casa Celeste is a reputable B&B with guests visiting from all over the world. Volunteers will get to interact with our guests, make friends, and even network for other opportunities in other parts of the world. We get many business owners, some of whom I have already been able to trade a stay at the B&B for their services, such as professional photography, custom embroidering of my logo on guest items, business cards and keychains, and much more. I've also had many guests invite me to stay with them at their home should I happen to visit their country. Plus, there is the hands-on experience of working in the hospitality industry that will empower volunteers with skills needed for paying jobs in hotels, restaurants and resorts. The best part of volunteering at La Casa Celeste is that you get to stay in Italy in the beautiful Piedmont region, only a short train-ride away from some of the best wineries in the world, along with cities known the world over for their food, cheeses, truffles, attractions and rich history.

I am an American expat. I moved to Italy in 2019 and my dream of owning a B&B was realized. I left corporate America because of the poor work/life balance, the stress, and lack of any reasonable job security. I was also unhappy with the lifestyle. Operating my B&B is so much more enjoyable, and I absolutely love living the Italian lifestyle, la dolce vita. I am very friendly, quiet at times, caring and compassionate, hard-working, neat and tidy, and have bursts of creativity. I love movies and music, decorating, gardening and cooking. I have a 30 year old son who is a mechanical engineer and living in Puerto Rico, so I do have a mothering tendency but in a good way. I volunteered for several years in my 30s at a clinic for the blind and visually impaired, so I know how to be of service. Volunteers can expect to be treated kindly, fairly, compassionately, and generously. I am also a big believer in saying please and thank you, and express and show my gratitude often. Volunteers will have privacy and their own "space." Volunteers will also have flexible routines, and I do not micro-manage. I trust volunteers to learn the work and then manage their own schedules.

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it was my first volunteer and I want to say it was the best first experience ever!

Many thanks Arlene!
for all your attention and flexibility.

the host is super friendly, also the guests are amazing, everyone is very kind to the volunteers.

I recommend this experience for everyone.

about 2 months ago

Arlene replied

Thanks for the nice review, Leo! I'm so happy you had a great time volunteering at La Casa Celeste B&B. I really enjoyed hosting you! You are an excellent worker, very smart, and I believe you will be very successful in your life. I had so much fun laughing with you. Best of luck in all that you do, and please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing :D



My experience in La casa Celeste was amazing.
Arlene it’s a very strong woman, the place she provides me, just perfect.
She let you make your own schedules, (but respect the tasks), it also includes you in everything, her guests all very friendly.
Totally recommend this experience for everyone.
Thanks Arlene for everything.

2 months ago

Arlene replied

Thank you for the kind words, Chico. I absolutely enjoyed hosting you and you were such an asset to have here at La Casa Celeste B&B. You did everything so beautifully and you were amazing with our guests. I miss you already! Good luck to you in all of your adventures and I hope you stay in touch. Best wishes to you :D



Hola comunidad!! Debo decir que mi experiencia en la Casa Celeste no podría haber sido mejor, era mi primera vez como voluntaria y fuera de mi país de origen; Arlene ha sido súper cálida, amorosa y paciente conmigo. Si bien dado al covid aún no había huéspedes, pudimos realizar otras tareas para dejar el BYB a punto, las tareas son sencillas y placenteras (Arlene se encarga de que te sientas a gusto). La casa es hermosa, cómoda y confortable, al igual que la habitación y baño, me he sentido como en casa. Gracias por todo Arlene, has sido más que una anfitriona para mí. Espero volvernos a pront

6 months ago

Arlene replied

Thank you, Juliana! I truly enjoyed hosting you. You arrived as a volunteer and left as a friend. Because of you and all of your help, La Casa Celeste was able to open on schedule with everything completed inside and out. You are an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am happy you enjoyed your time at La Casa Celeste. Your future is so bright, and I know you will accomplish amazing things. I wish you all the best, and hope our paths cross again. HUGS!!!



Arlene is a good person. She has a good heart.
The B&B is very tidy and she is always trying to make it more beautiful and tidy.
The job is to keep it clean and organized. And help her with whatever it takes . As I was at the time of Covid, we had few guest, I could not see it in full operation. But it was a good experience. Thank you Arlene.

9 months ago

Arlene replied

Thank you, Thalita, for a job well done! You are amazing. I enjoyed hosting you. Best wishes to you and in everything you do!



My experience was wonderful. If I should use an word to describle those days that I have stayed with Arlene, is TRUST. Arlene is a amazing person, has focus, is determinated. And hear about her life´s experience was amazing.
The power to believe!!! She taught me about it, and I will never forget.
La Casa Celeste is an amazing place, clean, organized, new, with a wonderful neighbors, I could talk with a lot of visitants, from diferents countries.
I just can say thank you Arlene for everthing we talk, and enjoyed together as a team, You, Guilherme and me.
See you...

10 months ago

Arlene replied

Thank you, Giovana! I am so lucky and grateful that you came to La Casa Celeste when I had to return to America to help my father. Because of you (and Gui) La Casa Celeste did not have to close while I was away, and the guests' reviews were very nice. You did a wonderful job and took such good care of my home and business. You will go far in life and I believe with all of my heart that you will make your dreams come true. I wish you success in everything you do. Until we meet again, best wishes!

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