La CasaBlanca Hotel and Gary's Tours at La CasaBlanca

My name is Michelle , I am from the US, my husband Gary is from here. We built, own and run this little hotel and tour business here in Tena, located in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. It is a seriously comfy place to hang out while exploring the area. Plus we'll invite you along on tours we've got going (area tours of the jungle). You'll only need to pay what it costs us to take you along (usually it's not much!) Check out our website and then look at the reviews on Trip Advisor, so that you don’t have to take our word for how great a place this is to stay in. Hotel highlights are getting to meet travelers from all over the world over coffee (or beers) in the hotel’s spacious common kitchen, a laundry room with a washer and dryer you are free to use, wifi, housewide purified water and nice hot water in the showers.

This is a small hotel, Gary and I do just about everything ourselves. Our only staff is a housekeeper who comes on Wednesday mornings and once in a while as needed. We invite our teachers along on things we do like walks in park (usually with a stop for ice cream), going to the river to swim on hot afternoons, drinks out on Wednesday nights, the occasional karaoke night out, events happening in Tena like parades, or just vegging out in front of the TV for a special movie or program. We like to share our culture and are always interested in learning about our volunteer's culture! There are a few options regarding how meals are done. We are good about getting lunch on the table on school days, but apart from that, we're not so dependable! So you can choose to eat lunch with us on school days and we've made arrangements with a neighbor that provides lunch on non school days and dinner everyday. Or you can opt to make your own meals, there's a big common kitchen in the hotel, equipped with everything you would need to cook great meals. We'll give you $2.50 per lunch or dinner for that. Whatever works best for you. Breakfasts are on you! We have one room for our 2 volunteers. If you are a couple , we'll put in a double bed and it will be your private room If not and you don't know your fellow teacher, know that you'll be sharing the room with the other, but not with other guests of the hotel.

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