La Maison Du Vert

We are always looking for volunteers who can speak French so you can help our french guests. If you have gardening or kitchen experience that is good too but we will teach you if you don't! There are so many jobs to do here you will never be bored.

We have been taking volunteers for years and many return! We have a great vibe here and we are very sociable with our volunteers and they become friends and make great friendships with others from all over the world. We want you to be happy and feel you are getting a good exchange here and so far we are achieving that! Come and be part of our family.


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My experience in La Maison du Vert was AMAZING, Daniel and Debbie are the best hosts ever, since picking me up from the bus station, explaining me how to do the work a thousand times, and being there when I need them. Debbie and Daniel thank you so much for this experience!
All the other Worldpackers, Workawayers and HelpX, that I met there are family to me... it was so sad to say goodbye to all of them... but that’s exactly when you know that the relationships you made were REAL. I really recommend this experience to everyone that wants to challenge themselves while making friends.
-love, R

6 months ago


I don’t have words for describe my last month in Ticheville. I could pass one year there! You gonna make friends, learn a lot, EAT A LOT, share good energy and enjoy your days in a little piece of the Paradise. I recommend La Maison Du Vert and I hope I can come back some day. Thanks for every each moment, Debbie and Daniel! <3

7 months ago


La Maison is a fairy tail in a small town. The experience was amazing. You get your hands dirty but at the end of the day you get to come together with your fellow volunteers. You are working a little bit more than you might expect so come prepared. They have a washer and then air dry. They have many outdoor cats and they love every single one of them. You can expect to meet some amazing people and share a truly magical experience.

9 months ago


It's a house made home filled with food and peeps from all over the place, it's wonderful and warm and welcoming :) There are treats and cats and lots of space to roam but you wont be speaking much of anything but English so maybe not the ideal place if your trip is about learning French or if you don't speak English yourself.
Go to Ticheville, you even get a card ;)

12 months ago


It was an amazing experience staying at La Maison Du Vert. They receive me as part of their big family (with people from all over the world) and i was able to get to know better differents customes, words and recipes. I practiced a lot of my English in the working and interaction environment, and I had the opportunity to practice French on my days off, traveling through the Normandie region with the new friends I made there. The work was also enjoyable, Debbie and Daniel are understanding and fair and this stay was certainly something that I will take as personal and professional learning.

over 1 year ago

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