La Morena

Aquí siempre intentamos que te sientas en familia, porque queremos un mundo diferente, un mundo en el que todos nos intentemos entender. Por eso siempre cuidamos mucho el perfil de nuestros voluntarios, para que se mantenga una vibra positiva. Queremos que tus días aquí sean una experiencia divertida!

Yo soy una viajera, mochilera. Estuve viajando por 2 años sola por Asia y Europa, era nómada, hasta que conocí a Daniel!, mi socio. Desde ese día estamos creando el sueño de poder vivir de lo que nos gusta que es este mundo viajero y no tener que estar dentro de tantas normas. Intentamos poner nuestro granito de arena en un negocio un poco diferente, con menos presiones. Intentamos que nuestro equipo sea respetuoso con los demás y que se ayuden entre ellos, que siempre estén agusto y se sientan en casa. Ayúdanos a seguir con este sueño!


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no existen! cuidado

3 months ago


Good:Private room
Free drinking water
Breakfast included
3 gaps per week
Barbecue every Sunday
Bad:In the WP volunteer offer, they were offering laundry and bicycles, but we got there and had none of that, so a change in the WP proposal would be valid.
One another volunteer arrived thinking that he was going to work as he was offered at the WP and the manager changed to work every day without any lag. Then he changed the volunteer to work elsewhere, all at odds with what they were offering at WP.
Apologize for the criticism. We think that reviews are constructive for improve.

8 months ago


I don't know from where I start to say all the bad experiences I had at La Morena. Firts of all, the job that I applied consist in work at recepcion 3 days a week and have 4 days off but it was not
even true. It was asked me work EVERY SINGLE DAY making coffee, looking after 3 dogs e cleaning dog's shit. Such an abusive offer. They really have no idea what is a volunteer work. The owner takes all decision without ask us if we agree. I left the hostel after 10 days because it was impossible stay there. I don't recommend this place to anyone, volunteers are treated as slaves there.

9 months ago


It was my first experience as a volunteer. I can say it is a very good place to learn how a hostel is, to meet people from anywhere and to have fun for a while. What you give is what you are going to get!!! La morena is a good place :)

9 months ago


Beautiful experience, the guys in the hostel are super cool. The hostel is like a big home with a lovely family. Thank's for the opportunity I really enjoyed <3

about 1 year ago

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