La Solana

Update 6 may :

if you using or being addicted to nicotine or alcohol or any kind of substances do no apply to join this multiple desert dom complex experience
If you are a meat eater and having roasted animal cadavers as food do not apply to b here with us
if your body has been injected with chemical products harming youre natural health , do not apply for a stay with us .
When you are unconsciously addicted to gaze in to youre phone all the time do not apply staying wit us .

May all beings become self realised
May all beings be.liberated liberated .....liberated 🙏

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with themselves in circumstances which prevail in a natural environment situated in the only European desert.
The project also provides participants
to join in group meditations in which sensation and equanimity are observed

The volunteers will be welcomed with respect and dignity as friends not as cheap workers Any participant should be happy with their tasks if not we will find a task according to their liking. Today I read a review of the last person which came to assist and it was very dissapointing , There are two dry toilets here ! There is a bathroom . If meals are taken at any time of the day , then the time table becomes a total disorder . I feel really sorry for the way virginie expressed about her feedback , from the about 50 guests who visited I never got such a negative feedback . Some people it seemes get stuck on small details which involves feelings of liking disliking and mis the overall opportunity to develop .. gratitude , tolerance and equanimity . for some people adapting to circumstances as they are then and there in the moment can be very difficult . circumstances have to be in these cases excactly according there fixed liking , tolerance and gratitude are then absent . please dis regard this review from virginie , come and witness with your own unique experience what is being done here....and grow develop virtues May all beings be happy May all beings be succesfull May all beings be liberated liberated liberated 🙏💕 my personal message to Virginie ( for you to realise my feeling and the way I am ) Hi virginie I just read you review ...and feel really sorry for the overal negative way you expressed youre visit here Take to heart that it is important for you to developpe a deeper sense about perceptions which are not compatible with youre feelings about how things should be you prefere them to be as if a emotional blackmail game Try to see the possitive and developpe feelings of empathy gratitude and acceptance Try to change you ego tistical behaviour . Good luck to you sweetheart and be happy 😘


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Folkert as welcoming at the beginning. The place is very pretty as in the photos. We maked 2 méditations per day.
We did gardening, loaded and unloaded rubble, dug a trench. Folkert would prepare the breakfasts and I would prepare the meals. But the fact that there are no toilets is disconcerting.
It should be noted that there are only two meals and the host is very insistent on this. He refuses to eat outside of meals even the food we brought.
On the fourth day, he asked me to give him a massage in his friend's room where we were for the day, which I found very inappropriate. We stop after

3 months ago

United Kingdom


I had a fantastic experience, was very exciting helping to contribute to the projects end goal. Folkert is very passionate and determined he taught me so much, not just physical skills but he is very spiritual and knowledgable, we had many deep chats about consciousness and meditating ect.. the meditating techniques he taught and practiced together really helped me to find some inner peace. The food offered here was delicious and fresh and it was great fun to have creative freedom with the afternoon meal. I felt very at home here, like a family. We went on many trips to oasis, jungle, beaches

5 months ago



Hello Worldpackers,
my two and a half weeks at Diego's La Solana were a profound experience. La Solana represents not just a place for creativity and art but is rather a life project aiming to create a space for a community living in harmony with themselves and nature.
Diego invests time, energy, patience, and financial resources to share his knowledge and open the world to those eager to learn.
I want to thank him for this gift and wish Diego all the best. May many wonderful people find this place to not only support Diego but also advance his vision and become a part of it.

Warm regards 🍻

5 months ago

Folkert replied

lannon , dear friend thank you so much for reaching out and participate in this awesome times .
well wishes for you happy succesfull...
be liberated liberated liberated >>>> >>>*



We had a good time in la Solana, Diego has been very respectful and very nice with us. The job is easy and very nice to do. Not luxury live there, water has a lot of value in the desert. We have leaned a lot and the private space was great.

6 months ago

Folkert replied

Dear fellow host , if a world packer helper likes to join you ( courtney ) consider yourself very very lucky !

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