La Taberna

Es un bar medieval con buen ambiente, visitado por locales y peregrinos. Esta ubicado en el camino de santiago por lo que recibe la visita de muchas personas de todo el planeta!

Abri el bar hace menos de un mes! Aun no he podido activar el restaurante para darle comida a los peregrinos y locales por que he estado trabajando solo.


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I had a wonderful first experience at La Taberna, Andres was lovely and respectful and the work easy and flexible, he trusted me to work in autonomy and was great to work with as a team as well! I went during low season so I had the chance to meet some of the locals and practice my spanish. I had my own room and bathroom which is definitely a plus. finally, I would totally recommend this experience to anyone interested in meeting new people and having a good time while working :)

2 months ago

United States


I had a wonderful time at La Taberna, I got to meet and connect with so many locals and it really forced me to learn the language which I loved. I got my own room and bathroom which was really nice and comfortable. I had a great time!

5 months ago



It was my first volunteering experience and it was absolutely positive!!! Andreas is the best type of person to team up with. The town is beautiful, the bar and the house too.
It's the perfect place to balance having fun and relaxing\thinking.
The work isn't hard at all, only on weekends you'll get more tired (the bar closes at 3) but it's not something I consider a negative aspect because there's a good party energy.
On the other side, it's a good place to connect with nature and there are two really nice meditation spots which have become special to me.

6 months ago

United States


I absolutely loved my time at La Taberna!! Andres was super welcoming the moment I arrived & made sure I settled in comfortably. The hours are flexible, and the work is very straightforward. I helped Andres out behind the bar during the evenings (on weekends you’ll be working late). The location is remote so be prepared to work in a Pueblo but this made connecting with locals so much easier. This is a great opportunity to improve your Spanish as well! The the bar is off the Camino De Santiago so you’ll be meeting international Pilgrims too. Overall 10/10 experience, thank you Andres!!

9 months ago

United States


Adres and Erika were amazing to stay with. They are so welcoming and will make sure that you are comfortable and enjoy your stay. You really get to see the beautiful nature of northern Spain and experience different local culture. The place is mainly a bar for now so there was a lot of helping out there but it was fun and I got to learn a lot of interesting Spanish phrases. It is along the Camino De Santiago so a lot of foreign backpackers come by in the morning and afternoon to eat drink and relax. I would help to know Spanish but I did not know a single word and I survived. Overall very fun

11 months ago

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