La Veranera Hostel - under construction!

Why should a traveler choose to volunteer at your place? Because they will have the opportunity to see a hostel being built from scratch, with all it's complication and madness! It's a great experience for any worldpacker out there that is thinking about doing the same at some point. Also, we are located in a cute little coastal town in Spain that has pretty much perfect weather most of the time. We are also located just about 5 minutes walking from the beach.

The hostel is still on it's very early stages, so it's pretty much just an old house right now, which means no staff at the moment. It's just me for now and our pet - little cat Dina (which you can see in many of our photos). The volunteers will be treated as part of our family, staying in our house and sharing our everyday life.

New Host
Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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