Our goal is to create a community to exchange culture and language between local Koreans and volunteers through conversation (i.e. language cafe). Koreans often learn to write and read English in school but rarely have the opportunity to speak and interact with foreigners. We also want to provide volunteers with their best chance to explore Seoul and learn about Korean culture.

Currently we are in our improvisation era, so if you are looking for a volunteer place with schedule and task flexibility ( but with responsibility ) , this is a good place for you!

Check our volunteer wiki site please.

I traveled for a couple of years in some countries from Asia to Latin Americas, and I experience various cultures. If you are also ready to learn Korean language and Korean culture, this place can be good for you. We have a cosy library with books of various genres.


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Langstay was a deplorable experience. There was a great deal of miscommunication with the host. Mr. Son regularly interpreted small gestures such as offering help or having your back to him(even for a moment) as being severely rude. There were a few instances where he was upset by us simply asking questions or seeking clarification about our tasks. He suddenly asked multiple of us(at midnight, mind you) to leave by the following day due to these minor interactions. Even when I apologized for these actions and stated that I would comply, he still got upset.

12 days ago

JH replied

Thank you for your review! I’ll remind you what you want to talk about.

I can see you are still upset about the trouble that caused your eviction here.

I hope that you know what is this place’s goal, and you are talking about your failure of your cultural barrier that I should understand for you.

Now I have 10 great volunteers here, and we are quite good. This is not the perfect free hotel for the selfish group who are using their ignorance only to become passive, helpless and avoided.

At LangStay’s event, now guests are quite crowded and even I can’t make more seats for guests who want to join us now.

Even at the last moment, here I can see your ignorance again.

I hope that you are not worried about your review if you feel unfair or unkind from this review, cause I don’t want to spend more time with you and your friend, yet Korea is quite small enough to announce your behavior.

Maybe your review can make most hosts not welcome you. I wish that you enjoy your trip!



My experience of my 4 weeks at langstay was the weirdest and most upsetting volunteering experience I have had in Korea (this was my third time volunteering in Korea). From the beginning I didn’t understand what we had to do, and there was no direction or guidence as to what we had to help with. And even if any of the volunteers (including me) came up with some ideas as to how to promote Langstay, we would either be shut down or blamed for not understanding the overall point of the place. I was really upset with the overall lack of communication and understanding.

20 days ago

JH replied

I’m the one local person who runs this place with many foreign volunteers, and this is not my first experience to have those people who can turn into a selfish and rude group easily to take advantage and to give me difficulties except a few old volunteers.

I did my best, even if they insulted me directly in front of me. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to saying anything.

Even I gave them a little gift when they left this place as a regular event that I made here.

I can not count how many times I heard that she said ‘fxxk’ and ‘this fxxking place’,

If you don’t like this place and host, you’d better finding another quickly without causing the trouble only against host.

I still want to believe that people have good in their minds.

I didn’t blame you and other people.

You don’t need to think about it unless you are afraid of getting blamed by others.

I really did my best without showing any anger and mad, even if every time I got insulted by you and others.



I'm enjoying my stay at Langstay and extending it!

We're promoting the program after a renovation, helping with event planning, and structuring language exchange sessions.

The volunteers and Mr. Son feel like family. Everyone is friendly!

You'll have the team's recommendations to enjoy the city, practice Korean, and many books at your disposal.

about 1 month ago



Love my stay here and thus extending it !! The host and other volunteers met here are great!

about 2 months ago

United States


My experience at LangStay was great. While I was there, however, the E-Language cafe wasn't entirely set up yet, so our work consisted of promotion & painting/organizing the cafe (which is the living room/common space of your accommodations). Though I know LangStay has made great progress during the month of April and am confident there will be more structure and bookings come May! The place itself and your gosiwon is very calm, relaxed and comfortable. Mr. Son is so sweet and considerate and really wants you to enjoy all of Seoul. This place, the people and the amazing city made my time here!

2 months ago

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