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Over 500 people have joined so far, some of them start living in Japan after, some of them got a partner from here. You can stay in Tokyo not just as a tourist. You'll have another "life" here in Tokyo for a while!

Since my cafe stands for over 30 years, there are many fans in all over the world. I was also a customer since 11 years ago, and took over from the ex-owner 8 years ago. I really like talking with people and sharing our experience together. Our staffs will take you guys to fun places (Especially Friday night), I just want you guys enjoy this program!

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My experience at Mickey House was absolutely great! I was stuck in a job with bad conditions in Hokkaido, and Yuta was quick to help me by hiring me here, as soon as I got to Tokyo. Easily one of the coziest jobs I've ever had, and if you like debating, it can especially be very fun to work at the cafe. It has helped become more open, talking to new strangers as well as regulars every day. You get to make an impact in the progress of someone's English learning, whether they're a high school student, engineer, magician or retired dentist - no day is the same.
I enjoyed my 2 months very much!




My stay at Mickey House was awesome, much better than i expected. Even though i spend a hole month at the same place i never felt bored.
The work is very easy and convenient if you are interested in Japanese's culture as you are having conversations with local people.
I would definitely do it again!


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My experience at the English Cafe, Mickey House truly made Tokyo enjoyable. I don't like traveling places with "tourist goggles" on and the cafe provided a place to learn more about the culture, meet locals, and feel the Japanese "vibe". Additionally, I was able to make social impact while talking to these customers and broadening their own perspectives and it was amazing. Without, this experience I honestly believe Tokyo would not have been as enjoyable and educational!

I would totally do it again!!




I had an amazing time in Mickey House. The people at the café and in the shared house was amazing. I would repeat the experience for sure!!!




I really loved the month I spent in Mickey House. The staff was amazing, the work is really fun (you just have to speak to customers in English and sometimes in your native language) and Yuta is a great host! I am so grateful for this opportunity. Besides, the location of the accomodation is in a very nice area of Tokyo, close to everything you will possibly need. I recommend it for every fellow traveller who wants to make friends and learn about Japanese culture while working :)


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